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 As part of our continued drive to secure overall school improvement, we had a scheduled visit last week from the Local Authority Primary Phase Adviser.

 The Headteacher and Primary Phase Adviser undertook observations in teaching in Y4/5; looked at an extensive range of writing in the Foundation Unit, a further wide range of writing evidence in a range of subjects from Y6, a detailed scrutiny of achievement data from Foundation, Y1 Phonics, Y2 Reading, Writing , Maths, and Y6 expected outcomes in Reading, Writing & Maths.  We looked carefully at the quality of marking across the school and of how this marking enables children to improve their work.

 The overall tone of the visit report was complementary and further reinforces the view of HMI last February who felt the school had “ wasted no time in taking swift action to secure improvements”.

 The Phase Adviser reported:

  1. Leadership:  “The Headteacher and Senior Leaders have ensured continued improvement”.
  2. “The Headteacher’s very good relationship with the pupils was observed”.
  3. “Overall, the evidence indicates continued improvement across the school in pupil achievement”.
  4. “The school has continued to improve its performance overall since the HMI monitoring inspection and, therefore, is still taking the right steps in ensuring it is judged to be good at the next inspection”.

 The report specifically identified

1)                  “Very high quality independent writing from a range of pupils of different abilities and stages in Foundation”.

2)                  “A good range of different writing that is well presented and thoroughly marked in Y6”.

3)                  A high percentage of children with an overall Good Level of Development (GLD) at the end of Foundation that is “well above the national average and a considerable improvement on last year”.

4)                  An above average percentage passing the Y1 phonics test and a further improvement on last year.

5)                  Improved percentage of children in L2 and above that places the school data well above national averages and a good improvement on last year.

6)                  Improved percentage of Y6 pupils achieving a L4 in reading, writing and maths combined along with improved percentage of Y6 pupils achieving a L5 in reading, writing and maths combined.


Whilst we are proud to see these improvements have been recognised, we also take note of the aspects that can still be improved.


  1. To ensure the quality of teaching across the whole school is consistently good or better.
  2. To ensure all groups of pupils make consistently good or better progress to achieve attainment that is in line with age-related expectations.  To this end, I am sure you will agree that consistently high attendance is absolutely essential.
  3. To ensure the quality of marking and feedback is at the level of the best practice across the whole school.

 Once again, our boys continue to make very good progress and better progress than our girls – although the gap is closing.

 The report recognises that there has been a relentless drive to ensure improvement and we will continue to do so to secure overall consistency of best practice – which is always a challenge in an expanding school with 10 different classes – 11 in September 2015. 

We will continue to keep parents informed each term of progress secured.

Simon Atherton: Headteacher

Graham Land: Chair of Governors


Click here to read the HMI report.

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New Front Entrance & Office
Over the past 6 months we have been finalising plans with a local architect to build a new entrance and office to the school which will be located in the current walkway into school.
The new office build will commence week beginning 23rd March and over the Easter holidays to cause least disruption to the school although the builders may start their preparations from next week (16th March). The new office will be larger, better equipped and more up to date and will improve security having a 2 door system with restricted access.

You can view the plans below