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Willowbank is a school community with a common code of expected behaviour.  Every person is expected to adopt a caring, considerate attitude to others.  Respect for other people’s ideas and views, their feelings and personal possessions is a key factor underpinning all behaviour.


Our children who have contributed to the agreed Code of Behaviour, respond well to it and are polite and well behaved.  Rewards, especially praise, are an important part of the Code of Behaviour.  However children are also made aware of the consequences of breaking the agreed rules.


Behaviour at break times and lunch times is overseen by duty staff and mealtime assistants but also by Y6 playground leaders in a position of responsibility.


Willowbank is Nut Free


Willowbank aims to practise a nut free policy although we recognise that this cannot be guaranteed. Many measures are put in place within our school to reduce the risk to those children and adults who may suffer an anaphylactic reaction if exposed to nuts to which they are sensitive. We aim to protect children who have allergies to nuts yet also help them, as they grow up, to take responsibility as to what foods they can eat and to be aware of where they may be put at risk.

Our school nurse is Liz Palmer. You can contact her on 01884 836001.