Please do not bring nuts or nut based products into school - we have children with nut allergies.
Please see the school information page for more details.

Grenville House update:

We have been so lucky with the weather! We arrived at Grenville House on Tuesday and, after exploring the grounds and the house, we had our lunch. We then chose our beds in the dormitories and spent time getting to know the people in our rooms. After a safety talk by the instructors, we split into groups and started our activities for the afternoon. Some of us were abseiling, some were kayaking and some were on the high ropes. After a busy day, we sat down together for a delicious meal and discussed the high points of the day. We then played some board games and settled down in bed after some hot chocolate.

On Wednesday, we went canoeing, coasteering and walking around the local area. After more outside activities, we had a disco and Mr Boatman showed everyone his best moves. All of the children are having fun and are being very well behaved - we have received many compliments for their politeness and caring nature. See you on Friday afternoon!

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