Grenville House Residential 2017

Parent/carer information session re: Grenville House residential
Sincere apologies for the short notice regarding this session. Please find below the information that was shared during the meeting. 
A reminder that any medicine sent with your child must have been prescribed by a doctor. The medication must also be accompanied by a medical permission letter (available from the office).
Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Eustace on if you have any further questions.
Thank you.
Hello from Grenville!
We arrived safely and met our instructors. We found out what we would be doing over our time here and then after a lovely lunch in the sunshine we organised ourselves in our dormitories. We split into our activity groups after that and we had a mixture of abseiling, high ropes and canoeing - the weather was fantastic! 
All of the staff at Grenville have already commented on how respectful and polite the children are, which made us very proud indeed. During the activities, the children really tried their best and were determined to give all of the activities their best shot. A special mention to Zac S and Mia C for their courage.
We returned back to Grenville to have our delicious dinner. With the sun still shining, we had a walk around Brixham harbour. When we got back we had some quiet time with a hot chocolate.
More updates to come tomorrow!
Good evening from Grenville!
We've had another day of good weather - we are very lucky indeed.
We woke up to an all you can beat breakfast of cereal and toast with set us up for the day. Some groups were canoeing, some were kayaking and some were on the high ropes. We played team games canoeing and some - Chloe B especially! - impressed the instructors with her stylish jumps from the canoe into the sea.
After lunch three groups went coasteering - some children were understandable nervous but their determination to have a go was impressive! Other groups switched so they could go kayaking or go on the high ropes. 
We we had a lovely roast chicken dinner - Nathan R finished off firsts, seconds and thirds! We then had a talent show which showcased a range of skills from dancing, comedy, story telling and cheerleading. 
A hot chocolate and a biscuit later and it was time for bed. 
Our last night at Grenville!
We had a good night's sleep and woke up to eat a big breakfast to set us up for a day of activities. In the morning we did a mixture of coasteering, abseiling and kayaking. We are getting really good with the routine of getting our wetsuit, helmets, abseiling harnesses and anything else we need quickly. 
The he sea was quite choppy so the instructors chose our coasteering sites carefully. We all jumped in the sea and tried some seaweed - the instructors explained that all British seaweed is edible! Issy S found the sea lettuce and kelp particularly tasty!
in the afternoon we did canoeing, kayaking and abseiling. All groups have now done every activity. The instructors were pleased at how well everyone listened. Tomorrow we are all raft building and having races with prizes for the best jumping off style from the raft into the sea! Mr Boatman and Mrs Cottrell are particularly looking forward to doing ballerina jumps off the rafts.
We had a disco in the evening and there were some fantastic dance moves... Ashleigh B has almost mastered 'the worm'.
We had a lovely playtime out during the sunset and we can't believe it is time to go home tomorrow.