Heatree 2017

Welcome to Heatree 2017!
We have arrived safely and had a picnic lunch in the sunshine. It was really hot.
This afternoon we enjoyed a very active session of orienteering - we discovered the site and lots of wildlife living around it.  We found some huge trees; you can even fit inside one. Mrs Sullivan's team got the most points - but were also the most exhausted having done some serious running!  Mrs Hulbert's team had a lovely meander around the site!  We really enjoyed the view of Dartmoor from the top of the hill.
We have now unpacked and made our beds and settled into our common room.  There we have found various games, including table football, a giant Connect 4 and a giant Jenga.  We are looking forward to Miss Grose joining us after dinner.
Monday Evening
We had a great meal of cottage pie and broccoli - eleven people asked for seconds of broccoli!  We then had apple crumble and custard for pudding.
After tea, we played on the swings and football.  Later, we took part in the Heatree Hunt - we had to identify the grid reference of photographs. 
After a snack and hot chocolate, everyone went to bed.
Tuesday Morning
We have enjoyed breakfast and are now preparing for a morning on the low ropes.  The weather is warm and cloudy.  The children are currently practising for the talent show and playing football and on the swings! 
We have had a busy day with low ropes, walking through the swamp and archery.  We are becoming experts in washing up and tidying bedrooms and are looking forward to our evening activity of the roundhouse.
Wednesday Morning
We have had a great night's sleep - everyone was asleep by 11pm and some people had to be woken this morning.  We have just enjoyed a lovely breakfast of ceral and toast and are packing our lunches to go on our adventure in Dartmoor.
Today we went on an epic adventure to Dartmoor - we went weaselling through rocks, climbed up Great Tor and Hound Tor, had a picnic in the sun at the top of Dartmoor and walked backed to Heatree.  There was some great wriggling to squeeze through some very tight spaces!
When we returned to Heatree, we made shelters and cooked some soup in the woods.
After a great night's sleep, the teachers had to wake several people at half past seven!  We are now becoming seasoned experts at buttering toast, clearing dishes, sweeping the floor and tidying our rooms!  We are also very good at re-applying suntan lotion.
Today has been action-packed; we began by swinging through the trees on the high ropes - several people really challenged themselves and overcame lots of fears of heights.  Then after a lovely picnic lunch in the sunshine, we went down to kayak.  There was a lot of fun and splashing - lots of people are now much better paddlers.  At the end, most of us jumped into the pond and practised swimming out.
Tonight's fun is the talent show and a campfire.