Year 4/5 Wow day

29th January 2016
For our WOW day on sustainability, we talked about the 3 R's - reducing, reusing and recycling. First, we talked about the effect on the environment when we buy something new - the journey the product takes, the carbon output and the potential litter we create by throwing the old product away. We designed something useful and practical that we could use every day, instead of buying it new. We made a range of products such as desk tidies, jewellery boxes and toys for pets.
We then made an animation using the learnpads about an aspect of sustainability that was special to us; the purpose was to make an information clip we could share to raise awareness. Topics ranged from deforestation to marine pollution - it was a really fun activity.
Lastly, we started composing a sustainability rap to go with our junk band; we hope that it gets the message across about how important living sustainably is!
Chloe  with upcycled desk tidy
Alex  with his puppet theatre
Millie  with her jewellery box
Morgan  with her jewellery box