Executive Head of Teaching and Learning - Mrs Huntington
Head of Teaching and Learning - Mrs Hillson
Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning - Mrs Hulbert
Year 5/6 Unit lead - Mrs Hulbert
Year 3/4 Unit Lead - Miss Burgin
Year 1/2 Unit Lead - Mrs Jay
EYFS  Unit Lead - Mrs Kyte
SENDCo - Mrs Jaworski
Foundation Stage
Miss Broomfield
Miss Hayman
Year 1
Mrs Kyte
Miss Mingo
Year 2
Miss Moore
Miss Gibbs
Year 3/4
Miss Burgin
Mrs Sullivan
Mrs Playford
Mrs Ware
Year 5
Miss Powell
Year 6
Mrs Hulbert
Mr Duringer
Teaching Assistants
Foundation Stage
Miss Mogford
Mrs Stevens
Miss Young
Year 1
Mrs Cottrell
Miss Murray
Miss Rees
Mrs Fisher 
Year 2
Mrs Cashin
Mrs Rutherford
Mrs Shiach
Year 3/4
Mrs Davey
Mrs Tinley
Mrs Hayston
Mrs Tate
Year 5/6
Mrs Lewis
Mrs Holbrook
Mrs Stamp
Miss Burke
Family Support Adviser
Mrs Haddican