Year 1/2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2
Our Amazing World

Understanding English; Communication and Language

 Year 1 will be extending the sentences that they write by using ‘and’ and ‘because’ to give more information or to explain ideas. They will continue to compose sentences orally before writing and begin to check what they have written makes sense by rereading.

Year 2 will be focusing on using a range of vocabulary and varied sentence starters to have an impact on the reader. They will be creating word banks to support their learning and be challenged to use these in their writing. The children will also focus on spelling and using a range of suffixes including ‘mess, ness, ly and ful’.

Understanding Mathematical Concepts and Shape

Year 1 will continue to explore 3D shapes through their theme activities. They will measure and compare the capacity of a variety of containers. Children will be given plenty of opportunities to develop their understanding and recall of ‘fact families’ . A fact family is a group of mathematical facts using the same numbers. For example 1+6. 6+1, 2+5, 5+2, 3+4 and 4+3  are the addition facts for 7.

Year 2 will be learning how to solve missing number problems. They will then progress onto using their knowledge of place value to solve addition problems using the column method. The children will also have the opportunity to explore shapes and measure across the curriculum.


Year 1 will explore the changes that take place in the world around them across the four seasons. They will begin to describe the variety of weather associated with the different times of the year and relate this to their own experiences. Children will learn how to record their observations scientifically by making tables and charts about the weather.

Year 2 will be learning about plants and animals. They will begin by focusing on the life cycle of a plant and describing the changes that occur through the cycle. They will then explore what plants need to survive, stay healthy and grow. This will progress onto learning about what animals and humans need for survival including the importance of exercise, a balanced diet and hygiene.

Grow, Cook, Share

During their Grow, Cook and Share sessions, children will recognise the seasonality of some foods and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed. They will explore the question of ‘Where do we belong?’ and what it means to belong within our families and communities and to consider how others experience belonging within their local communities. It also explores what it means to be part of a faith community and how belief systems influence the ways in which people live their lives.

Pictures of our learning coming soon!

 PE and Forest Schools

  • Year 1 children will have their PE sessions on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.                           
  • Children in Siskin and Linnet will be participating in Forest Schools on alternate Wednesdays. Children will not be required to come to school in their forest school clothes. Siskin will be participating in Forest Schools on:  28th February, 14th March, 28th March. Linnet will  be participating in Forest Schools on: 21st February., 7th March , 21st March.                                  
  • Year 2 children will have their PE sessions on a Tuesday and Friday.                                              
  • Children in Dove and Goldfinch will be participating in Forest Schools on alternate       Thursdays. Goldfinch will be participating in Forest Schools on: 1st March and 15th March.    Dove will be participating in Forest Schools on: 8th March and 22nd March.                                   
  • Please can your children always have their correct PE kits in school, including jumpers and tracksuits.