Year 1/2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2
Our Amazing World
Thank you for all those that came and supported the children at the Seasonal Cafe. The children really enjoyed creating the different food choices and taking on the responsibility of running the cafe. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. 
Year 1 Phonics
Please find attached the phonics information shared with parents at our recent workshop. If you would like any more information, please speak to your child's teacher. 
To support you reading with your child at home, please take a look at the ideas below.

Understanding English; Communication and Language

Year 1 will be focusing upon the use of capital letters for the names of  people, places, days of the week, and the personal pronoun ‘I’. Children will be introduced to the vocabulary of ‘singular’ and ‘plural’ to add either—es or –s correctly by following spelling rules. Children will  extend their knowledge of punctuation through the introduction and exploration of exclamation marks. 


Year 2 will be exploring poetry with the main focus on the poet Michael Rosen. The children will learn a poem by heart and progress onto writing their own. Children will be exploring the meaning of words and word play by using rhythm and rhyme. Later in the term, we will continue to  focus on expanded noun phrases and exclamatory sentences through the book ‘Tell me a Dragon’.


Understanding Mathematical Concepts and Shape

Year 1 will explore the concepts of multiplication and division through repeated addition and subtraction. They will use objects to practically make equal groups and then progress on to sharing equally.  Children will be encouraged to draw their own representations to solve  problems. They will  begin to recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity. Then find and name a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.


Year 2 will be learning about time and telling the time to five minute intervals , including quarter past/to the hour. Please support your child in telling the time at home. We will also be focusing on consolidating and applying our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and fractions. Please continue to encourage your child to complete the Daily Maths Challenges as these will further support the consolidation of skills.


Science and Theme

During their Theme sessions, Year 1 children will learn and explore how their senses enable humans and other animals to find out about the world around them. They will  begin to share what they know about animals in order to group them into fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Children will extend their knowledge of living things to make careful observations of  familiar plants and trees and will learn new vocabulary so that they can describe their basic structures (stem, petal, leaves, roots). Cross curricular links will be made with Mathematics when they design a zoo and describe direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns to navigate themselves to different animal enclosures. Links with Art will see children use their knowledge of 3D shapes, line and texture to draw a variety of animals.

In Year 2 children will also be learning about plants and animals. They will begin by focusing on the life cycle of a butterfly. We have caterpillars housed in a specially made ‘Butterfly Net’ in the classroom and will be watching the process carefully and discussing the changes that happen.  Children will continue to learn about what animals and humans need for survival including the importance of exercise, a balanced diet and hygiene.  This term we will also be looking into the Royal family and celebrating the up and coming wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. We will make cross-curricular links between the subjects, History, Art and Design, Maths and English.

Children in both year groups will explore the question of ‘how do we celebrate our journey through life?’ and why certain times are significant or special. Children will  be invited to share their own experiences as well as learning how different people celebrate the important events in their lives. They will begin to recognise a variety of artefacts, symbols and ceremonies used at significant times.



 PE and Forest Schools

  • Year 1 children will have their PE sessions on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.                      
  • Children in Siskin and Linnet will be participating in Forest Schools on alternate Wednesdays. Siskin will be participating in Forest Schools on: 25th April, 9th May, 23rd May. Linnet will  be participating in Forest Schools on: 18th April,  2nd May, 16th May.                                
  • Year 2 children will have their PE sessions on a Tuesday and Friday.                                             
  • Children in Dove and Goldfinch will be participating in Forest Schools on alternate       Thursdays. Goldfinch will be participating in Forest Schools on: 3rd May and 17th May.    Dove will be participating in Forest Schools on: 10th May and 24th May.                                   
  • Please can your children always have their correct PE kits in school, including jumpers and tracksuits.