Year 5/6

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Year 5 and Year 6
Year 5 and 6 are learning all about Friend or Foe this term - concentrating particularly in life in World War II and World War I.
Wow Day
We began our learning with a Wow Day.  This involved hearing the original broadcast of the declaration of war by Neville Chamberlain and exploring a wireless; learning about rationing - digging for victory and creating our new allotment; making water colour washes and designing WWII silhouettes and making spitfires and air raid siren helmets.
In English, we have studied newspapers, investigating their features.  We have combined speech and varied sentence openers to create our own reports about our trip to Nothe Fort.
Our current unit is based on the film clip 'The Piano'.  We have thought about how to develop setting descriptions and how to create atmosphere.  This work on detailed description has also included a punctuation focus.  We are in the process of writing our own stories, including setting descriptions and interesting atmosphere.
We are following the Power Maths scheme.  We have developed our understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have also improved our problem solving strategies and refined our explanations and justifications.
Please continue to practise times tables using Times Tables Rockstars.
Year 6 enjoyed their visit to Heatree, where they had the opportunity to take part in lots of different adventurous activities.  Please look at the Heatree tab on the website for full details.
We are very proud of our creative curriculum. 
We combine foundation subjects as we investigate key questions. 
What happened during the Blitz?
We investigated the Blitz, looking at lots of different primary sources to find out what life was like during the bombing.  We created artwork, developing our watercolour skills, using Blitz silhouettes.  We also learnt about different types of air raid shelters and designed our own.  Coordinates were used during the war to map places.  We learnt how to plot coordinates on four quadrants.
What happened during the evacuation?
We wrote diaries about being evacuated and experienced life in WW2 when we visited Nothe Fort.  We thought about what life was like living away from home.  Our book 'Friend or Foe' helped to develop our undersstanding of how life in the country contrasted with life in the city.
How did rationing change life?
This exploration began with an afternoon cooking using war time recipes.  We were able to taste the difference in recipes with significantly less sugar, butter and eggs.  As part of our thinking, we imagined how we could suplement our food if we lived in a time of rationing.  We also created Venn diagrams to compare and contrast life during rationing. 
Currently we are preparing for a unit debate based on the motion: The world's resources should be rationed.
Nothe Fort
Unit 3 enjoyed their visit to Nothe Fort in Weymouth.  We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in WW2 life.  Activities included: a lesson in a wartime school room, doing laundry in the kitchen, shopping in the general store and an air raid.
We also had the opportunity to see what hapened to Weymouth in the war and look at different gas masks and air raid shelters.