Year 5/6

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Year 5 and Year 6
How do Humans Survive?

This half term we are thinking about survival. We have come across Beck's blog and are trying to help him survive in the jungle.  We have sent a link to the blog home with Years 5 and 6 - please feel free to log in and leave us comments.  This is part of our computing development this term.  There will be opportunities for children to develop their blogging at school too.

Skills that we will be developing are our blogging skills, design and construction skills when creating shelters and mapping skills. We will also learn how the human body is designed to support our survival – thinking about the circulatory and digestive systems.

If you have any knowledge or interests that you could share with us, please come and speak to your child's teacher.  We are very interested to hear from anyone who has done any adventuring, or who is a first aider or is linked with any other survival skills.