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May 2016



School Council have been working together on a set of rules for the garden area so that during the summer months children can use it safely and respectfully. We anticipate the garden to be a place where children can go for quiet time, reading, drawing, colouring and similar activities. During half term week, we have some volunteers coming in to help tidy up the garden so that we can start using it in this way. If you would like to volunteer or have anything you could donate to the garden area, please contact the school office.


March 2016



Today we had a School Council Forum Assembly in which we discussed what we could do for the upcoming Sports Relief event on Friday 18th March.

As well as being sponsored to 'climb' a mountain in each class, we have decided to:

-Come to school wearing Sports/PE kit

-Challenege ourselves to an obstacle course or cicuits

-Cook, bake and make cakes and healthy snacks to sell at the end of the school day


January 2016



We helped to interview the new headteacher, Miss Grose and are excited that she has now started.

So far we think she is very nice, funny and likes to laugh.



Thank you to Mrs Snow who very kindly organised for us to have colourful, amazing and useful equipment for our playground. We now have bat and ball, bean bags, space hoppers, tummy boards, cup and ball, pom poms and koosh balls to name just a few. We cannot wait to play with our new equipment.



Thank you to Miss Williams, the caretakers and other adults who helped to improve our library.

There is now a book club that you could come to if you are intrested on a Monday and Wednesday. On Wednesday there will be the opportunity to listen to audio-books.






For those of you who are unsure, School Council is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with the headteacher and governors of the school.


At Willowbank, we have 20 School Councillors (2 from each class except Foundation) who meet on a regular basis to discuss up coming events, new ideas and raise any issues. The meetings are facilitated by Miss Isaac (Year 4/5 Class Teacher) who helps to channel the children's voice to the appropriate school staff members.


The Year 6 School Council Leaders will be updating this Blog on a regular basis to keep you informed of matters arising.