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Destination Outer Space!

We cover all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework within our teaching and learning. Each term we create curriculum sequences which may focus on a combination of curriculum areas which will be used to compliment children's learning experiences. 

During our summer term curriculum sequence, Destination Outer Space,  we will be focusing on the curriculum areas of:

Understanding the World- The World 

Understanding the World - People and Communities

Physical Development- Health and Self Care.


Destination Outer Space S Plan

'Knowledge Organisers'  are  the ‘go-to’ documents outlining the essential knowledge that the we  will be covering. A Knowledge Organiser (KO) sets out in detail what we want children to know by the end of the curriculum sequence. We expect the majority of children to be able to recall all of the information on the KO by the end of the sequence. There are opportunities for children to learn, consolidate and apply the knowledge they have explored and learnt. This will help stretch their long-term memory and develop their recall of key information.

Destination Outer Space Knowledge Organiser