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Foundation Class of 2020

Week Beginning 12th October 

Wow! We have had a really exciting week as we have moved from distinguishing between different environmental and instrumental sounds and sequencing them to learning about letters. We have explored s, a, t, p and learnt the picture and action cues that will help us to remember these letters and the phonemes that they make.


s – a picture of some socks and say the sound as we put on and pull up our socks /s/

a - a picture of an apple and say the sound as we pretend to hold one in a hand and begin to munch /a/

t -a picture of a tomato and say the sound as we roll it between the palms of our hands /t/

p - a picture of a parcel and say the sound as we pretend to pass it to a friend /p/


We have jumped and bounced to these phonemes written in chalk on the playground and sorted pictures and objects by discovering which of our focus sounds they start with.


Children have been using their own marks and symbols to share their ideas and thoughts about what makes Earth wonderful (linked to our learning through the text, ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers). These will be displayed in our classroom and will enable children to share their progress and successes when writing throughout the year.


The document below shares the other actions and pictures that will be used to help children develop their letter and sound (phoneme) recognition

Week Beginning 5th October 


Week Beginning 28th September

This week children have learnt and explored the meaning of the word 'representation'. This word will be encountered during their future learning in Mathematics. During this week, children considered how they could use movement to represent animals living in different environments. We also made representations of ourselves using a variety of craft materials. Children were encouraged to talk about texture and the similarities and differences between themselves and others.  

Foundation Stage Class of 2020

Week Beginning 21st September

This week children have begun to learn our daily routines. At the start of each day, they participate in an early morning task before the register is taken. Finding their name on the ‘big TV’ (interactive whiteboard) causes great excitement each day! Children especially enjoyed exploring books. They were asked to identify their favourite illustration and to share its ‘story’. The signed nursery rhymes were also very popular – thank you Mr Tumble! Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte have enjoyed listening to children sharing their special times and adventures through the contents of their brown paper bags. Children have begun exploring our outside area. They have created their own fabulous songs and stories whilst using our stage area and took part in our number hunt.  We have also started our curriculum learning based the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers.


Home Time

We would like to thank you for adapting to the new pick up routine. To improve the efficiency of this, we would kindly ask you to begun walking up the steps to meet your child and then walk past the classroom towards the school exit that is reached by walking through Forest School.





Home Learning

This week your child has taken home a book of their choice. Accompanying this, was information on how sharing a book together can support your child’s learning development, language and communication. Below is a copy of this information along with additional supportive materials

Week Beginning 14th September

Our new starters have enjoyed another fabulous week at school. Children have enjoyed exploring the climbing equipment in the main playground and practising different ways of moving during their physical development sessions. We used the markings on the playground to play and create a variety of games.


Active Fun!

Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte

Getting ready for another exciting week of learning

Autumn Term 2020

Wow! It has been a wonderful first week of the Autumn Term and start to your child’s education at Willowbank. The children have enthusiastically explored the variety of activities in their classroom. Within the role play area, children created storylines with their new friends. During their imaginative play, children have cooked a range  of familiar meals, taken the baby dolls out for different adventures to the park and shops. They have been exploring number by making playdough cakes and decorating them with candles, gems and other craft materials. Our construction area has been used to recreate places in the locality that children visit. We have also been weeding and planting herbs in our sensory garden. The children have had great fun finding and collecting worms!

September Starter Information

Our first week at Willowbank

Meet the team

The Foundation Stage unit consists of myself (Mrs Kyte) and Mrs Davies. Our planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) will be covered by Miss Burgin and Miss Mogford. Teaching assistants working within the unit are Miss Young, Miss Williams and Miss Rees.


From 21st September your child will be attending full time from 8.30am -3.10pm. During this week, we will finalise class lists and you will be informed if your child is in Mrs Kyte’s class (Caterpillar Class) or Mrs Davies’ class (Tadpole Class) by letter on Friday 25th September.  We value the importance of getting to know your child by spending time with them and getting to know their interests before placing them into classes.


We are aware that on your Parent Pay letters there is a class name (Tadpoles or Caterpillars next to your child's name), this has occurred as Parent Pay logins cannot be generated without a child being assigned to a class. The class name on these letters are not your child's class and were generated randomly. Mrs Ingram has send an email explaining this. 

Welcome to our new starters!


Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte are really excited that we will be meeting you all next week. We have the classroom and activities ready - it is going to be lots of fun.


We have updated the social story that we sent during the summer break so that you can see what our learning and activities areas look like. We will give you all a copy when you are in school to take home and this will help you talk about school with your grown ups at home.

updated social story for starting school

To support your child’s transition from their preschool setting to primary school, we have complied photographs of our classroom, outdoor learning area and other locations that your child will become familiar with. You may want to share these with your child to help prepare them for September.

Willowbank virtual visit

Still image for this video

Stories read by Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte

To further support your child's transition and for them to become familiar with the adults that they will be working with at Willowbank, our Foundation Stage teachers, Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte will be adding 'story time sessions' to this web page and Willowbank Primary 2020 Facebook page. They will be reading the stories in different locations around the school so their new surroundings will also become familiar to them. A collection of stories  will be kept  for you to access and so if your child has a favourite story or has been talking about Willowbank, you can rewatch the films. They can also be used as conversation tools if your child is asking questions about starting school.

Storytime with Mrs Kyte

Still image for this video

Preparing Your Child for Starting School Introduction

Preparing your child for starting school

Still image for this video


It is important that your child  begins to practise how to dress themselves before they start school. Learning to get dressed builds your child’s confidence and independence and gives your them a sense of achievement.  Getting dressed also helps your child to develop many other skills such as fine motor, gross motor and thinking . To make this fun, the Foundation Stage team at Willowbank have put together this activity bank that will help you to practise these skills.


Please open the document below for ideas, information and activity ideas to help your child develop the skills associated with dressing themselves.

Number with a focus on counting

As your child grows up they will have experience of number in their day to day lives. For children  this can be made more explicit through number books, singing songs or noticing numbers when out and about. Being familiar and understanding number gives children a firm foundation which can be build upon as they continue their learning.

To make this fun, the Foundation Stage team at Willowbank  have put  together this activity bank that will help you to practise these skills.


 Please open the document below for ideas, information and activity ideas to help your child develop the skills associated with number.

Speaking and Listening

Providing your child with opportunities to  develop their speaking and listening skills are important in laying the  foundations for when they begin learning phonics, after they have started school. The emphasis  is on encouraging your child to: tune into sounds (auditory discrimination), Listening and remembering sounds (auditory memory and sequencing) and Talking about sounds (developing vocabulary and language comprehension). To make this fun, the Foundation Stage team at Willowbank  have put  together this activity bank that will help you to practise these skills.


What is phonics? Phonics involves matching the sounds of spoken English with individual letters or groups of letters. For example, the sound  /k/ can be spelled as c, k, ck or ch. Reading and writing can be compared to a code, so knowing the sounds of individual letters and how those letters sound when they’re combined will help children decode words as they read.


 Please open the document below for ideas, information and activity ideas to help your child develop the skills associated with speaking and listening.


Passionate about Home Learning

During the lockdown period, Mrs Jaworski has been using her many years of teaching experience and expertise to keep her toddlers busy at home. She has been creating a variety of fun activities and learning opportunities which use every day equipment and are easy to prepare. We are delighted that she has posted these on Instagram to share, inspire and support families in our school community.


Click on the link to ‘mytwotoddlers’ below to learn more

Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision are the resources provided in the classroom for your child to interact with. The idea of continuous provision is that it encourages children to develop what they have learnt with increased independence, confidence and creativity. Within our continuous provision, we also facilitate enhanced provision. This means that additional resources and opportunities are used to consolidate, develop and extend your child’s learning to meet their needs and interests.

Below is a slide show of the continuous provision we provide as well as some of the enrichment opportunities we offer. These opportunities include visits to the library, Killerton, police station, fire station, parent workshops and visits to Orchard Lea Nursing Home.

What shall i do if my children is feeling unwell? 

Our traffic light below can be used as guidance.

Please note that this was written prior to COVID-19.


RED-STAY AT HOME  Raised temperature , Rashes can be the first sign of many infectious illnesses such as chickenpox and measles,  if your child has a rash, check with your GP before sending them to school. Vomiting and diarrhoea. Children can return to school after 48 hours.

AMBER– SEEK ADVICE  Headaches.  A child with a minor headache does not usually need to be kept off school.  If the headache is more severe or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as raised temperature or drowsiness, then keep your child at home and consult your GP.

GREEN– COME TO SCHOOL*  Mild cough, mild cold, sore throat (unless accompanied by raised temp) Feeling tired.

*We will contact you if your child deteriorates during the school day.

School Uniform

Our embroidered jumpers, cardigans and PE polo t-shirts can be purchased from Thomas Moore's in Exeter. We are pleased to tell you that their shop in Fore Street, is due to reopen on Monday 15th June. 

Please note that their price guide has been recently updated, please see the pdf document below. Thank you