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Late/Absence Procedures

Arriving Late at School

The times children can safely arrive at school and can go into their classroom is clearly stated on The School Day page of the website. If your child arrives after the school gate has closed, please take him/her into school through the school office and make sure that you sign them in.


The attendance of children who arrive late will be registered as follows:

  • A child arriving after the register has started but before the register has closed will be coded as “late” (code L).
  •  A child arriving after the register has closed will be coded as “Late after registration closed” (code U). This is counted as an “Unauthorised Absence”. 


Please refer to The School Day page for the times of the school day.



Holiday/absence requests

Requests for holidays during term time can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances (please see our Pupil Attendance Policy at and should be submitted before the intended absence.  We have to report any unauthorised absence of 5 days or more to Devon County Council, who may issue a penalty notice (i.e. a fine) per parent per child.