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Core Values Campaign

On Friday 5th July, Willowbank Primary School held it's first Core Values Campaign Morning. The purpose of the morning was to inform parents how we embed our Core Values into our lives at Willowbank. We discussed the value of having these core values and how we hope that by using these values everyday our children will be the best people they can be and will go on to be excellent role models.  


There was a range of activities, across the school,  focusing on each of the Core Values. Parents and family members visited their children in the classroom and the school was buzzing with a happy atmosphere  as the children thought about how they demonstrate the Core Values and then created their artwork or took part in their activity.


The activities were varied and included: Friendship Bracelets, Poetry, Back to Back drawing, Random Acts of Kindness, Sport and Posters. One of the parents wrote an acrostic poem in Dove class who were looking at Honesty.


Helping others, being

Open to other's opinions

Never telling lies,

Even when it's really hard


Tell the truth and

You'll get a star in the jar!


In the afternoon, children from Key Stage 2 distributed biscuits and stickers as part of their random act of kindness activity and Key Stage 1 children were seen giving out friendship bracelets to a friend or an adult to say thank you for being caring. Everyone enjoyed the morning and it is hoped that we will be able to hold more of these mornings, on different days, so that more people can join in the fun. 


Here are a few of the many lovely comments we received from our visitors:

'This morning has been fantastic and clearly enjoyed by all....lovely to see the children working together'


'It has been so lovely to see so many happy faces throughout the school and to be able to participate. The option of both my children being together for the morning was brilliant.....over this past year the improvement in the school has been incredible.'


'What a fab morning. Great idea to get parents engaged in Ethos! Thank you to all involved.' 


'It was lovely to have the opportunity to be part of the children's learning and having an awareness of the school's core values. I thought the activities were well thought out being made fun for the children to take part in and learn.'