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Outdoor Learning

Time capsule

We have finally made it to the end of a very strange year! I thought it would be fun to create a time capsule.  All you need is a bottle or sturdy box.  Pop in some things that might represent this school year.  Maybe a piece of work or drawing you did over lockdown. You could not down how you have felt and what you have been doing. When you have done this you can either bury it somewhere or seal it and put it somewhere safe. Reopen it in a years time and enjoy the memories you have created over this time. 

I want to wish you a very happy holidays and I am looking forward to working with you all again next year! The garden will be ready and waiting. 


See you then!

Miss Mogford

Dream catcher

21st July

Today I thought we could use some of the feathers you may have collected last week.  We are going to make a dream catcher. 

Dream catchers traditionally hand above someone's bed and the idea is that any bad dreams are caught in the web and in the morning when the sun rises they disappear. Good dreams slide down the feathers to the sleeping person. 

I have found a great website with instructions on how to make different styles of dream catchers. 

Have a great day!

Cave of hands

20th July

Welcome to the last few days of outdoor learning! 

Today I thought we could take inspiration from something the year 3/4 children learnt about this year.  The cave of hands is an amazing cave filled with stencils of hands in Argentina.  the amazing thing is people think it is 9000 years old!  Nobody really knows how the hands were created but the unit 2 made their own using flour. 

We placed our hands on the ground and sprinkled flour around to create  hand shape.  We then explored how we could get the flour to stick to a wall or tree - it was very tricky! Why don't you explore this and see what shapes you can make by using different objects as stencils. 

If you look up The cave of hands on the internet you will find out all about it.

Have a great day! 

Flip back Friday!

Today is our last Flip back Friday!  The weather is going to be nice at the weekend so I thought we would flip back to the 24th June for a paddle in a stream! Since lockdown I have often had a paddle when I am out with my dogs.  Its lovely on your toes on a really warm day and if you look really carefully you will see lots of interesting things.  A stream is an incredible habitat for so many things. 

Have a great weekend!

Beach art


Good morning!  Are you looking forward to the summer holidays?  I know I am!  I found these pictures last week and I feel really inspired to have a go at this when I go on holiday.  If you go to the beach why not collect some lovely stones and see what you can create?  Make you take some photos to show e in September when I see you!

Nest STEM challenge

Yesterday we looked at feathers.  Did you manage to find any? Today I thought it would be fun to set you a challenge - to build a nest.  I have found some instructions for you online which I have put below.  Have a go and see if you can build a better nest than a bird!

Have a great day


13th July

Good morning! During lockdown I have been collecting lots of things for Forest School, including feathers! I have put some feathers I have above.  Do you know which birds they come from? 

Feathers are really fascinating and I have some facts for you.  Feathers are waterproof and help to keep the bird warm and dry. Young birds have small fluffy feathers called 'down' which keep them warm but young birds cannot fly with these. The feathers I have found are called 'Vaned' feathers, they have stiff inner line with soft barbs on the outside that help them to fly.

Have a great day and maybe you could collect me some feathers too? 

Flip back Friday!

Today we are going to flip back to 29th March where I put instructions for making coloured rocks for our new Rainbow garden. Please have a look and make a rick if you can!

Have a great weekend!

Nature crowns

9th July

Good morning! Today we are going to make nature crowns. We have made these before in Forest School.  You will need some lengths of ivy for this (check with your grown up that you can use this).  Simply bend the ivy into a circle shape and wind the ends around each other. Add another length of ivy winding it around the first one.  Keep building this up until you are happy with the shape and size.  You could then add flowers and dried grasses if you wanted too.  Don't forget to take a photo!

Have fun!

Wild hair

8th July

Good morning! I saw this idea the other day and thought it looked quite fun and really easy! All you need is to draw a face on a plate or piece of paper and to then find it some living wild hair! If you can, you could print a picture of your own face and style your hair wild! Which plants give you the best hair? Maybe you could have different colour hair! 

Get creative and have a bit of fun!


7th June

What do you call a group of ladybirds?  A loveliness of ladybirds! These colourful little creatures are great for your garden because they eat other bugs that might damage your plants.  I haven't seen many ladybirds this year but you could check your garden to see if there are any.  I have popped a link on here for you to a field guide of the different ladybirds you might see. 

6th June

Yikes wasn't it windy yesterday! Last week I gave you a link on how to make a kite so today I thought you might like to make a pinwheel, another great thing for windy days! If you make a pin wheel make sure you take a picture so I can see them when we return to school. 

Have a great day. 

Flip back Friday!

Today we are going to flip back to the 1st May which seems a long time ago now!! The activity on that day was to Follow that bug! All you need to do is to find a bug and to follow it carefully to see where it goes. Remember you could draw a map to show it's route if you wanted to. There are so many more interesting bugs out there at the moment, I even saw a huge caterpillar crossing the road the other day and the slugs keep eating my sunflowers!

Have a great weekend! 

1st July

I hope you managed to get a little muddy yesterday?  Did you know that lots of birds use mud to build their nest?  I have found this amazing little clip of a swallow building its nest using little mud pellets.  Watch the video and if you want a challenge why not see if you can create a nest with mud!  Don't forget to take a photo! 

International mud day!

30th June

Yesterday was International MUD day! To honour the glorious thing that is mud I made a mud man! I went for a walk and used some mud from a river bank to craft my little man. I rolled the mud into 2 balls to make his head and body and added some eyes, arms and a leaf for hair. Why not have a go at making a mud man or an entire mud family? Have a great day!

Rainbow garden

I hope you managed to watch Mrs Hillson's assembly today (29th June).  In it she explained about our new school project to make a Rainbow garden. Please have a read of the letter and instructions I have added here. 

I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful pebbles!!!

Miss Mogford

Make a kite

Yikes, wasn't it windy yesterday! It got me thinking! Lets make some kites! Today I have given you a link on how to make a kite. If you make a kite make sure you take some photos and send them to your teachers.  Do you know what makes a good kite?  How does it fly? 


If you don't want to or don't have the resources to make a kite your could make a wind wand to twirl by simply tying coloured ribbon to one end of a stick.  



Flip Back Friday

26th June

Today we are going to flip back to Wednesday6th May and our leaf imprint activity.  Did you have a go at using a hammer or mallet to make an imprint onto cloth?  If not why not go back and have a look at the activity or try it again with different leaves or flowers.  Did you know that this is actually called Hapa Zome and is inspired by the Japanese artists. 

Have a lovely day.

Grass hearts

25th June

Today we are going to make grass hearts. Follow these instructions to make your own. 

  • Find and pick  a thin bunch of long grass.
  • Fold it in half
  • Tie some string around the grass about 2 /3cm from the fold. 
  • Next, carefully split the grass again from the fold and bend it to each side of the fold
  • Continue to bend the grass until it makes a heart shape.
  • Tie the bottom together.
  • If you want you can add some flowers to make it extra pretty.


Have a lovely day!

Paddle in a stream

24th June

Its starting to get hot!  Yesterday I went for a paddle in the stream and then walked barefoot in the grass.  It was lovely and cool and some believe it is really good for your mental health. Why not dip your toes in a stream!  You might want to wear some water shoes and investigate what you can find.  Are there any fish? What type of plants are growing in and around the water?

Have fun!

Noughts and crosses

24th June

I love to play games in the sunshine.  Today I challenge you to make your own game of noughts and crosses. Can you remember the boards I have in Forest school?  I made mine with wood slices and used stones for the counters.  Why not make your own on the floor or a piece of fabric? What could you use as counters?  Maybe stones, shells, different leaves or little toys? Have a great day!

22nd June

Its Monday again! Today I have an idea for you inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.  I have called them rain angels.  What you need to do is wait for it to start raining.  When you see it start go outside and lie down on a path (it needs to be dry before).  After a little bit get up and see if you have left a person shaped dry patch!  You may want to put on some waterproofs for this or just get changed afterwards! o check with your grown ups to see if you can do this. Have a great day. 

Flip back Friday!

Happy Friday! To make sure I have enough activities for all of you for as long as I can we are now going to have Flip Back Friday - a day where you can revisit an activity.  Today I choose Deconstructed Flowers on the 22nd April.  Why not have a look back and see if you had a go at this activity.  If you did you could try it again as there are lots of others flowers now in peoples gardens.  Don't forget to take a picture for me! 


Observational drawing

18th June

Hello everyone!  Today we are going to have a go at observational drawing.  If it is dry choose a flower or a tree and look really closely while you draw.  What shape are the petals?  What can you see in the centre of the flower?  Take your time and really LOOK at what you are drawing. Keep your pictures as I would really like to see them when we are back to school!

Have fun!

Climb a tree

17th June

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Some of you who are a bit older may remember your Foundation welly walks with Miss Hurford and Mrs Bundy.  I went for a walk yesterday to the 'climbing tree'.  Why not see if you can find a good tree to climb?  BUT there are some rules!

You must have a grown up with you. You need to carefully check the branches are thick enough to hold your weight and don't go higher than you are comfortable. If in doubt climb back down! Be VERY SAFE but have fun! 

Beach fun

16th June

I know some of you have been very lucky to go to the beach recently.  What have you created? I like making sandcastles and looking in the rockpools.  The last time I went to the beach I found an anemone in a rockpool!  If you do go to the beach why not photograph what you find?  The beach is an amazing habitat all of its own and im sure you will find some amazing things! You could also collect some shells for us to use in Forest School. Have a great day. 

Petal bookmark

15th June

Welcome to another week of outdoor learning ideas!  Today we are making petal bookmarks.  There are two ways you can do this.  First you need to collects some petals and thin leaves on a walk.  I am lucky to have a laminator at home so I put my poppy petals and laves in a laminating pouch and put them through the machine and cut out the bookmark (if you do this make sure your petals and leaves are THIN!) You could glue your leaves and petals to a piece of card instead. Add some ribbon to one end of your bookmark and there you go! 


11th June

Good morning! Have you ever looked at the clouds and seen shapes?  I love looking at clouds as they can be fascinating, I like the big fluffy white clouds the best.  Which clouds do you like?  Storm clouds, fluffy clouds or no clouds!  If you wanted to you could keep a cloud diary and if you are a bit older why not do a little research to find out the different names of clouds.  

In the picture you can see some really interesting clouds I saw the other day. Have a great day!


10th June

Do you know what I love about teaching? Its that I am always learning too!  My family made an amazing discovery in the stream near my house yesterday! We found a strange creature which looked like a lobster!  It was curled up in some mud and when we gently touched it he uncurled and we could see his legs and pincers!  He wasn't happy about being disturbed I think and kept trying to pinch the stick we had!  We watched it for a while and then left it alone.  We think 'Larry' is a  white clawed crayfish which is a native (meaning it belongs in this country) and is very rare!  It lives in streams less than an a metre deep and is omnivorous.  Do you know what omnivorous means? Can you find out?  

The next time you are a near a stream make sure you have a really careful look to see what you can see! 

Leaf bunting

9th June

Hello everyone. Today we are making leaf bunting!  Its really easy, all you need to do is collect some different leaves.  Make sure you collect responsibly, for example 2 or 3 leaves per tree. Take them home and make a small hole in the leaf and thread onto some string or ribbon.  Hang up and viola you have some natural bunting!  I had to lie mine down to take a picture as they wobbled nicely in the breeze and I couldn't take a photo!  Do you recognise any of the leaves in my bunting? 

Nature paintbrush

8th June

Welcome to another week of outdoor learning! I hope you didn't put your paints away as you will need them today.  Today we are making nature paintbrushes! When you go for a walk take a pot and collect some natural things.  I collected a feather, some grasses, some flowers and a pine cone.  When you get home ask your grown ups for some old pegs and turn them into paintbrushes.  What effects can you make with your different materials. If you are a bit older you could bind your natural things together with twine instead of using a peg. Have fun! 

Rainbow ferns

5th June

Hello everyone! Yesterday I collected some of my favourite plant- fern leaves. I love the shape of ferns and the lovely green colour but I thought I would have a play! I decided to paint them into rainbow ferns. I experimented with making prints and then used some other leaves from my garden.  I had a lot of fun. Have a go and see what happens. 

Snail soup

4th June

Morning everyone! When I walked my dogs in the rain yesterday I came across lots of snails! It looked like they were having a race across the path! Like them or loathe them snails are actually really interesting. My favourite thing to do is to make some lettuce soup by mashing in down with a bit of water and then feeding it to a snail.  If you put it on a clear surface (I used a big jar) you can see the snail's 'foot' moving and look even closer and you will see its little mouth opening and closing! Watch your snail for a bit and then return it to where you found it. Enjoy!

Fairy dens

3rd June

Good morning!  The weather is a bit different to day isn't it? 

Yesterday I made a fairy den in my garden.  To do this you will need some sticks, and anything else you think would look good.  You could make a fairy den or a lego den or anything else. 

When you have some sticks push them into the ground and tie them together at the top.  I used some fern leaves to cover the sides and added some flowers at the top. I then put some fairy bits inside. Be as creative as you can and don't forget to take a picture! 

Flower heart

2nd June

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely half term.  Today I have an outdoor craft activity for you.  You will need some help from a grown up if you are younger. First find some thick card and draw a shape on it.  I drew a heart and cut it out. Next use something to push holes all over your shape. Then take your shape outside and pick some flowers with small enough stems and poke them through the holes.  You will quickly build up a really lovely effect. Remember to check with your grown ups about which flowers you can pick! 

Have a lovely day.

Small gardens

22nd May

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe its half term next week already? Today I got creative in the garden and wonder if you would like to have a go at this over half term? I made a fairy garden today!  All you need is a dish, plant pot or container with some soil or compost in the bottom and then it's up to you!  I added some herbs and moss to my container and then found some small figures to add to it. If you make a garden send a picture to your teacher who might send it to me if you ask them.  I would love to see them!

Have a great half term- remember to get outside in the fresh air everyday.  Why not look back at all the activities I have put on here since we started our home learning? 

Mindfulness outside

21st May

Today is a good day to just stop. 

I would like for you to go for a walk with your family and to find somewhere nice to sit or lie down.  Maybe take a blanket? Get comfy. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Listen to the world around you.  What can you hear?  What can you smell. Keep on listening....can you hear the birds? Breath deep and savour the wonderful natural world around you.  

Taking time to sit quietly and to clear your mind is really good for you.  I hope you enjoy this little activity with your family. 

Nature mobiles

20th May

Good morning.  Today we are getting creative by making nature mobiles.  On your walks out and about why not collect some natural things like fir cones, flowers, shells and feathers (make sure to wash your hands when you get back!) Choose a really interesting stick and tie long pieces of string to it, then attach your finds and hang in your garden.  I  love the texture of fir cones so that's what I used in mine. Have a great day. 

19th May

Good morning! When I visited Forest School this morning to work on our new pond I found something interesting! hedgehog poo! Yes, I find this interesting and exciting! This means that we have a little friend visiting our garden!  I have found a good website with lots of information about hedgehogs for you to look at.  If you want to do something to help the wildlife in your garden the easiest thing you could do in this nice hot weather is to provide some water in a shallow dish.  Remember, hedgehogs shouldn't be given milk! Have a great day.

Bug hotel

18th May

Welcome to a new week of outdoor learning ideas!  I was very excited to go to the woods yesterday for a lovely walk and collected lots of goodies which I have used to make a hanging bug hotel.  Here's how I did it:

  • ask a grown up to cut a plastic bottle in half or your could use any plastic container.
  • fill your container with sticks and fir cones if you can find some. You really have to squish them in so everything does not fall out.
  • tie some string around your bottle and hand it somewhere in your garden
  • look out for bugs that will move in!

Have fun everyone!

Tree identification

15th May

Its Friday again! I hope you have had a good week?  The last scavenger hunt sheet for you today is all about trees and their leaves. I love trees and I have to admit Im still learning to identify them! When you manage to go out for your walk why not stop and see if you can work out which tree is which! You could do some bark and leaf rubbings as you go and label your pictures to show your teacher or me when we see you again. 

Have a great weekend!

14th May

Hands up who likes honey? I love honey on my toast and I also find bees fascinating.  I've been trying to find out about different bees recently and have found a lovely bee guide.  I thought I would share it with you. If you find a bee and can take a photo see if you can work out what type of bee it is! Why not observe what they are doing and which plants they seem to prefer. There will be more bee activities next week!

13th May

I hope you manged to find lots of different colours yesterday!  Today if you go out for a walk again this time we are going to be looking for other things but you will need the help of your grown up.  One of my favourite games is 'Go find it!'.  Its a card game where you select a card which has a colour, texture or size on it, for example find something tiny, find something bumpy etc.  If you don't have the card game you can make up your own, all you need is some paper or card.  Think of some things you can find and off you go.  Here are some suggestions:

  • different textures for example bumpy, smooth, hard, soft, rough or spikey 
  • things of different colours
  • things of different sizes for example draw a circle on your paper and find something to go in that circle.

The list is endless!  Have fun!

Colour hunt

12th May

The sun is shinning and I thought you might like a challenge for your daily walk. Today you could go on a colour scavenger hunt. You don't need anything for this really but if you wanted to take a camera to photograph what you find you could. On your walk why not look for things that are these colours: red, yellow, blue, brown, white, yellow and green.  What other colours do you see? 

I had a look in my garden this morning and saw lots of colours!  You can see in the photos my favourites. 

Minibeast detective

11th May

Welcome to another week of fantastic outdoor things to do!  This weekend I signed up to be a 'Backyard guardian' and pledged to look after nature in our school garden.  If you think you could be a guardian visit their website and sign up with the help of your grown ups. 

I cant believe how much nature I have seen over the last few weeks, from waking up early to birds signing, newts, tadpoles, frogs, dragonfly larva and my weekend highlight- bat watching on my front lawn! They were AMAZING! What animals and wildlife have you seen?  This week I will be putting some detective sheets and scavenger hunts on here for you.  Todays is a minibeast one. As always, have fun!

Andy Goldsworthy

7th May

Here is an activity for today and tomorrow as you may want to collect some things today. 

Some of you have enjoyed some land art in Forest School this year and we looked a lot at the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  If your grown ups have not heard of him why not look online for some of his work. When you have found some of his work you could have a go at re-creating or making some art inspired by him. Remember he is famous for balancing stones and spirals. I have found some photos from Unit 2's work to inspire you too. 

Have a great time and remember to take some photos as land art should not leave a trace if it is done well. 

Leaf imprints

Wednesday 6th May

Half way through the week already! Todays activity is one that nearly everyone may have done in Forest School. You will need a scrap of light (ideally white) coloured cotton cloth, a mallet or hammer and some fresh leaves and flowers.  Leaves that are 'juicy' and fresh are the best.  I chose a fern, a chive flower and another flower from my garden. Place the leaf or flower under the cotton cloth and hammer firmly on top.  You should see the colour coming through! The chive flower did not work well but smelt lovely! As you can see I had a little help too! 

Make sure that when you are using the mallet to stand up straight like I taught you so you don't bump your head and hold the mallet with two hands.  Make sure you check with your grown ups before you use a hammer or mallet too. 

Have fun experimenting with different flowers and leaves.  You could cut them out after and make a collage.  Have fun!


5th May

Today I thought you might like something to do inside! I know I don't normally but you can build this and then go outside later in the week!  Please click on the link to go to the Scouts homepage and find the 'How to build a teeny raft' instructions. 

Have a go at building a raft or if you don't have any sticks you could build a boat from anything you have at home. Add a mast and have a practice run in your bath or sink ready to set sail in a great puddle or stream. Please make sure you have an adult with you if you are going near any water. 

Have a great day!

4th May

Welcome to a new week!  Did you know that yesterday was International Dawn Chorus day?  At this time of year nature's choir is signing at its best and if you get up at dawn you will hear them in full voice! If you don't fancy an early start why not go for a walk or sit in your garden and see if you can identify some of the bird song you can hear!  I have included a link to a page on the RSPB website for you to listen to some birds to help you. Have fun!

Follow that bug!

1st May

Good morning! Have you ever wondered what bugs get up to all day? Today is perfect weather to follow that bug! Go out into your garden and find a bug - I found this wood louse (known as chiggy pigs in my house) I watched as it crossed our patio avoiding the tortoise as she wondered around as well,  and then it vanished under the wall to the house.  Why not find a bug and follow it to see where it goes?  You could draw a map too.  If your a bit younger 'The snail trail' by Ruth Brown is one of my favourites and tells the story of a snails journey from his perspective. Have fun!

30th April

Worm charming

Its turning out to be quite a soggy week but that's ok! Today I thought you could have a go at worm charming! Have you ever seen a bird doing a little dance on the grass and wondered why?  Its so the worms come to the surface for the birds to eat them! 

To worm charm you need to find a soggy piece of grass ( add a cup of water if needed) and then all you do is stomp and dance around!  This might take a few minutes but keep an eye out and see how many worms you can collect.  Please remember to put all the worms back as they are great for our gardens. 


29th April

Hello everyone! As promised above is a picture of one of the newts I found in our school pond area.  The new pond is in the ground but we still have lots to do!  I will keep you posted about the newts.  Today I wonder if you could find out about newts for me?  You could find out about their habitat (where they live) and what they like to eat.  If your a bit older how about researching their life cycle?  If you have time draw a picture and pop it in your scrap book if your keeping one. 

Keep safe everyone

Rain gauge

28th April

So the forecast is for a soggy few days - but who cares! Today I have added some instructions to make a rain gauge!  You could keep a log or how much rain we get every week for the month or May maybe? 

I have some exciting news for you all! Today I went to the Forest School area to continue work on the pond area.  As I moved the old carpet out of the hole I found lots of newts! 52 to be precise! We had to work hard and quickly but we have managed to put the pond in and have filled it with enough water for the newts to move in.  I will add some photos her as soon as I can. 

Have a great day!

Nature bracelets

26th April

Morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week! The weather is set to change a little this week so you may need to dig out your rain coats in case! Today we are making nature bracelets. You will need a strip of card or thick paper and some double sided sticky tape or glue along it.  Secure your bracelet around your wrist and out we go! As you walk collect some beautiful flowers or leaves and stick them to your bracelet.  Maybe you could create a pattern? 

24th April

Happy Friday! Today I have a lovely activity for you which I used to do a lot when I was young. Daisy chains! If you have never made one they are really simple.  You will need a pin or small needle (if your a bit younger you will need a grown up to help you with this). Pick a daisy leaving a good length of stem. carefully make a hole/slit in the bottom of the stem.  Pick another daisy and pop the stem from that one through the hole.  Repeat the process until your chain breaks.  PLEASE take a photo as I would love to see how long you can get your chains. Send them to your teacher who can let me see them. Have a great weekend!


April 23rd

We are so lucky that the sun is shining again! I love spirals and patterns so I thought today we could go looking for spirals in nature.  I found a snail and a fern which was uncurling. Could you make your own spiral patterns using things you have found? In the picture someone has made a spiral with ferns which I think is beautiful. You could use stones or pebbles, fir cones, leaves, daisies or dandelions. Don't forget to take a picture for me! 

Deconstructed flowers

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello everyone. Yesterday I was in my garden enjoying the sun.  I was reminded of an art activity I saw once. This activity involves VERY CAREFULLY pulling apart flowers to deconstruct them. I loved the pictures I saw in my book so I had a go! If you want to have a go at this please pick your flowers responsibly. Always ask permission if its in your garden or collect a few forget-me-nots, dandelions or daisies  from a hedgerow.

Carefully pull the petals off the flower and arrange them around the stem.  Can you name all the different parts of the flower? I used a bluebell from my garden and laid it on some white paper and took a photo. Have fun! 

Dandelions part two

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning! I hoped you manage to find a dandelion yesterday!  Did you know that dandelions close their flowers at night and reopen as the sun comes up! Did you notice that the seeds on the dandelion clocks have tiny little parachutes on them?

If you had a look at the link yesterday you may have seen the recipe for dandelion jam.  We made this last year and it was delicious.  If you cant get hold of the ingredients don't worry there is still lots you can do with dandelion flowers.

Why not pick some dandelions and cut the yellow bits off the flower and use in a collage picture? If you have a mud kitchen or a space outside you could mix it with some water and make dandelion perfume or make a mud pie. Enjoy the colour and textures the different parts of the plant have. 

Have fun everyone!

Dandelions part one

20th April

Hello everyone!  Have you ever looked really closely at a dandelion?  Lots of people think they are a nuisance in the garden but I actually really like them (and so do my guinea pigs!). 

The word dandelion comes from the French dent-de-lion or 'lions tooth', this refers to the sharp parts of the leaves.

 Last year we learnt a lot about dandelions including how to preserve their seed heads! You need an adult to help you with this. When you find a dandelion 'clock' spray some hairspray onto it from a distance. leave it to dry and pick. Look really carefully at the clock and see if you can see the seeds, What are they attached too and how do you think this helps the seeds to spread. There is a lovely book for our younger children called 'The dandelion seed' by Joseph Anthony which explores the life cycle of a dandelion. 


I will add more activities to do with dandelions tomorrow but if you are interested in finding out more, Muddy faces have lots of information and ideas.  


April 17th

Happy Friday everyone.  I have an activity for you but you may want to do this one at the weekend or next week as it is raining today! I have been working in my garden this week and have taken some pictures of some flowers. I wonder if you can name these or find out what they are called?  Have you ever tried pressing flowers?  If you do not have a flower press some really heavy books will do the same job.  Place some dry flowers in between some kitchen paper in the middle of the book and place in a warm place for a week.  Why not create a picture with your dried flowers?

Just because its raining outside it doesn't mean you cant go outside! As the saying goes - there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Put those boots on and go and splash in some puddles! Have a great day!  

Get gardening!

16th April

I know that lots of you have been busy in your gardens planting seeds and helping your grown ups. Today I would like you to get out in your garden and plant some seeds if you can.  If you haven't got any seeds maybe you could pull up some weeds and find some worms! Did you know that worms are really important for your garden?  Why not find out why! If you are keeping a scrap book of all your activities make sure to draw me a picture or pop in a photo for me to look at when we get back to school. 

Some children might remember planting sunflowers in Forest School.  I have been looking after them, look how much they have grown!

15th April

Today we are going on a journey!  We are going to make a journey stick.  You can do this in your garden or on your daily walk.  Choose a nice knobbly stick again and tie your string to one end.  As you go on your journey collect things such as fir cones, dandelions and feathers and tie them to your journey stick. Mine is below next to the wish stick from yesterday. Don't forget to wash your hands when you have finished! 

Wish stick

Tuesday 14th April

Good morning everyone!  Today I would like you to find a stick, a really knobbly one works well, and make a wish stick. 

Find some string, ribbon, wool or anything you have a carefully wrap it around the stick leaving no gaps. if you need to add more practice tying knots or get an adult to help you. 

make your stick as colourful as you can! Why not make more than one and turn them into a rainbow mobile?  Have a go at todays activity as tomorrows will build on what you do today.

Have a great day!



Morning! How did your ice decoration go? Don't forget you can always do this again and pop it in your freezer instead.

Ramps and guttering are an all time favourite in Forest school so why not have a go at home? Have a look around and find either some guttering, planks of wood or anything you can roll your cars down. Experiment with raising and lowering your guttering and see how this affects how far your cars roll. 

Year 5 were lucky enough to do something similar at school using small tyres and planks and they had great fun!

Have a great day everyone.



Ice decoration


Good morning everyone!  How did your shadow activity go?  Did your shadow move? 

Here's another activity for today. Make an ice decoration!

Along with our beautiful sunny days are coming very cold frosty nights. Lets make use of that! In the picture I have found a small plastic tray and put some petals in the bottom.  I have added some water - make sure its not too deep as it will not freeze well. I've also put a string in the top to be able to hang my decoration tomorrow. Leave somewhere outside in the open away from walls overnight and fingers crossed it might freeze tonight! In the morning hang your frozen disk up and watch it melt throughout the day! Have fun!   





Good morning everyone! What another glorious day. Here's an activity for your garden. I have been outside this morning to play with shadows! Why don't you find a favourite toy and put it in the sun and draw around its shadow. I have drawn around my dinosaur's shadow. Keep an eye on the shadow and see what happens to it as the day goes on - what happens and why?  Take a photo if you can and pop it in your scrap book.