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Yay it's Friday!  I hope you have all had a great week with all your home learning.  Looking ahead to your well earned Easter break I have added some links to two really great websites.  Both have fantastic activities you can do outside in the garden or inside at home.  Have a look and keep busy! 


Ramps 1


Morning! How did your ice decoration go? Don't forget you can always do this again and pop it in your freezer instead.

Ramps and guttering are an all time favourite in Forest school so why not have a go at home? Have a look around and find either some guttering, planks of wood or anything you can roll your cars down. Experiment with raising and lowering your guttering and see how this affects how far your cars roll. 

Year 5 were lucky enough to do something similar at school using small tyres and planks and they had great fun!

Have a great day everyone.



Ice decoration

Ice decoration 1
Ice decoration 2


Good morning everyone!  How did your shadow activity go?  Did your shadow move? 

Here's another activity for today. Make an ice decoration!

Along with our beautiful sunny days are coming very cold frosty nights. Lets make use of that! In the picture I have found a small plastic tray and put some petals in the bottom.  I have added some water - make sure its not too deep as it will not freeze well. I've also put a string in the top to be able to hang my decoration tomorrow. Leave somewhere outside in the open away from walls overnight and fingers crossed it might freeze tonight! In the morning hang your frozen disk up and watch it melt throughout the day! Have fun!   




Shadows 1
Shadows 2


Good morning everyone! What another glorious day. Here's an activity for your garden. I have been outside this morning to play with shadows! Why don't you find a favourite toy and put it in the sun and draw around its shadow. I have drawn around my dinosaur's shadow. Keep an eye on the shadow and see what happens to it as the day goes on - what happens and why?  Take a photo if you can and pop it in your scrap book. 

WC 23/3/20

The forecast for this week is for lots of sun! There are plenty of things we can be enjoying in our gardens and local area and I will endeavour to keep you supplied with lots of ideas!  If you wanted you can keep a log of your adventures in a scrap book and I will look forward to seeing them when we get back to school!