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REOPENING - What to expect

Preparing for the return of our Year 6s

We are thrilled to be able to welcome our Year 6s back from Tuesday 23rd June. We are looking forward to seeing you for our Zoom session on Friday where we will go through the powerpoint and share information about what our school looks like at the moment and how our days will be when you return.

The powerpoint will be added to this page after so you can come back and check details if you wish.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss Gibbs and Mrs Sullivan

Staying safe apart but always together

This week we welcomed Year 1 back to school as part of our phased reopening. They joined EYFS children who we were pleased to see return on 8th June as well as our key worker bubbles. Whilst children are being taught in their bubbles, we feel that it is important for them to still feel part of our school community. To promote this, all bubbles were invited to an interactive story session with Mrs Hillson on Monday. 

Return to school Superhero version

Year 1 - What to expect when I come back to school

When I come back to school, there are a few things that will look a bit different. These things are in place to keep me, my friends and my family safe.

When I get dropped to school in the morning, there will be orange lines on the pavement outside of school for me to wait on until the gate opens.

I need to get dropped to school at 8:45am. I will come in through the black gate. There are special arrows and footprints that will show me which way to walk and to help me to keep 2m apart from other people.

My mum or dad will walk with me to my classroom where Miss Jay or Mrs Staples will be waiting for me. 

If I am in Miss Jay's bubble, I will follow the arrows to the right of the black gate, walk through the playground and to Miss Jay's classroom door.

If I am in Mrs Staples' bubble, I will walk through the black gate and to the left, through the Year 1 outside area to Mrs Staples' classroom door.

This is what my classroom is going to look like. When I am in my classroom, I will have a special space where I can keep my lunchbox (if I have one), drinks bottle, coat and PE kit. I will have a pack of resources on my table to use during the day.

At lunchtime, I will eat my lunch in my classroom on my table, before having playtime on the playground (Miss Jay's bubble) or the Year 1 outside area (Mrs Staples' bubble) outside area. We will do PE on the playground.

There are footprint and 'keep to the left' signs around the school to help me remember which side of the corridor to walk on.

When I need the toilet, there are footprints outside to help me to remember where I must wait. Only one person is allowed in the toilet at a time. My teacher will help me if I am unsure.

I will get picked up from school at 3:25pm.

If I am in Miss Jay's bubble, my mum or dad will walk with me down the slope at forest school and I will go home.

If I am in Mrs Staples' bubble, my mum or dad will walk with me through the side gate and out of school past reception.