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Unit 2

Common Exception Words



Year 3

Year 4

Careful consideration to teach and learn Year 3/4 Common Exception Words across the year. See National Curriculum for further examples of words applied to spelling rules including exceptions to the rule.

Autumn 1



Recap Year 2 spelling work

 -tion –ness –full (phase 6)

(attention to adding suffixes)

Possessive apostrophes in singular and plural words


Recap Year 3

 ‘gue’ - Tounge  and Unique

‘eigh’ - eight

‘a’ - obey

-tion, -sion, -ssion, -cian (invention, division, expression, musician)

rain, rein, reign, whose, who’s, weather, whether


Recap Year 2 spelling work

-ly –less –ment -ed –ing (phase 6)

-ee spelt -y (busy, business)

split digraphs (arrive, complete, decide, describe, extreme, guide, surprise)

tion and sion suffixes (mention, occasion, position, possession, question) including exceptions to the rule

Autumn 2


Year 2 Recap


-i spelt with a –y (myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery)


not, knot, male, mail, medal, meddle, here, hear, heel, heal, he’ll

Suffix: -ation (information, adoration, sensation)


where, wear, where, were



words with unstressed vowels: different, favourite, February, interest, library, ordinary, separate

s spelt c before e, i and y (bicycle, centre, century, certain, circle, decide, exercise, experience, medicine, notice, recent)

Spring 1


Suffix: -ly (sadly, completely, finally) including exceptions to the rule


accept, except, affect, effect, ball, bawl, berry, bury


-sure and -ture word endings (measure, creature)


Common Exception Words


Words ending with –ous (enormous, poisonous, continuous, humorous, contagious)



plain, plane, seen, scene



n spelt kn: (knowledge, knowledgeable)


-ly and -ally suffix (accidentally, actually, occasionally, probably)

ous endings (famous, various)


answer, build, calendar, consider, continue

Spring 2


-u spelt -ou (young, double)


Prefixes: un-, dis-, mis-, in-, il- (undo, disobey, misbehave, inactive, illegal)


break, brake, fair, fare, great, grate,  groan, grown

Prefixes: inter-, anti-, auto-, super-, -anti (interactive, antisocial, autograph, supermarket, antiseptic)


weight, wait, eight, ate



Prefixes: -dis, -re (disappear, disbelieve, rebuild, reposition)


The same words without prefixes (appear, believe, build, position)

early, earth, experiment, group, guard, forward, forwards, fruit, heard, heart, history, imagine, important, increase, island

Summer 1


-ay spelt –ei, -eigh, -ey (vein, weigh, obey)


Suffixes beginning with vowels added to multi syllable words: -en, -ing, -er,  -ed (forgotten, forgetting, beginner, preferred)

Long i spelt y in initial and medial positions of word (myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery)


Prefixes: -inter-, re-, ir-, im- (interact, redo, irregular, immature)


ay spelt ei (eight, eighth, reign, weight)


igh spelt ei (height)

learn, length, material, minute, natural, often, particular, peculiar, perhaps, popular, potatoes, promise, purpose

Summer 2

Prefix: sub- (subdivide, submerge)


main, mane, meat, meet, missed, mist     

piece, peace

k spelt –ch (scheme, chorus, chemist)

s spelt –ch (chef, chalet, machine)

g spelt –gue (league, tongue)

k spelt –que (antique, unique)


Words with double consonants: address, appear, arrive, different, difficult, disappear, grammar, occasion, opposite, pressure, suppose

quarter, regular, remember, sentence, special, straight, strange, strength, surprise, therefore, woman, women