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Year 1/2

Unit 1 Planetarium Visit


On Wednesday, the children in Years 1 and 2 had a special visitor. Mr Barber from the Spacelab Planetarium brought in an inflatable planetarium in to school for the children to see and experience!


We had to crawl through a long tunnel into a giant dome and inside, all the lights were dimmed and the planetarium was left in complete darkness. 


"I’m sure many parents would be surprised to know that it is so dark in the planetarium that it is impossible to see your hand in front of your face and yet Willowbank children today showed not a trace of anxiety but simply delight and excitement." - Mr Barber


The children learnt all about the solar system; different planets were shown on the sides of the dome and children were able to watch how the Earth moves and experiences day and night.


We also learnt all about the stars which were projected onto the roof of the planetarium. The children looked at the different star constellations and how far away they are from us on Earth. They learnt how to identify different constellations and look for the North Star at night.


"What I enjoy so much talking to young children is they have a sense of ‘awe and wonderment’ which is always apparent when the first see the stars." - Mr Barber


The children had a fantastic day and really showcased their excellent understanding of the Earth and space. Thank you so much to Mr Barber for coming in to school to provide the children with such a fantastic opportunity!



Lego Moon Rovers

Unit 1 have were very fortunate to have been visited by Julian Surtees - an expert in everything Lego! The children followed step-by-step instructions to help them to build their own Lego Moon Rover. Each vehicle had cogs and a motor which the children had to fit independently. Their designs could be modified and adapted but had to withstand a driving test on the 'Moon'.

Throughout the sessions, the children showed fantastic teamwork, perseverance and determination, creating some excellent models.

If you would like to take a look at some of the Moon Rovers in action, please visit Julian's website:

Spring Term - Time Travellers

Our topic this term is Time Travellers and a lot of our learning will be linked to this theme. At the start of term, the children had to use their problem solving skills to crack codes, leading to a mystery item buried somewhere in the school. They had to use their addition knowledge to find the first clue, then direct their partner using positional language to find the next. The children found lots of letters hidden in different places around school which they unscrambled to reveal the location of the mystery item - a time capsule buried in Forest School!

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