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Foundation Stage

 Our Visit to Killerton

We have recently had a wonderful trip to Killerton. We made some fabulous wilderness crowns, used tree rubbings to create a furry effect for our Three Little Bear pictures. We enjoyed making dens for our small world characters and exploring the Bear Hut and the materials that were used to build it.

Summer Term 2: Once Upon a Time . . . 


Our Traditional Story theme started with a visit from Inspector Curly Tail. She explained that the 3 little pigs have reported a crime but that the clues that can tell us what had happened have become muddled. She asked us to help. Could we find the clues that tell us about the story of The Three Little Pigs?


As Robins and Starlings tracked down the missing clues, they discovered that some of the artefacts could help tell the story of different traditional tales. We used each clue to help us retell the stories and to share our own ideas and opinions of the events that happened.

Picture 1

Exeter Chiefs

Children had the opportunity to participate in rugby sessions run by Exeter Chiefs. The children worked cooperatively and they used their developing ball skills brilliantly.

Summer Term 1: Pirates

Aaaaa-h me hearties! Our pirate topic begun with a fantastic adventure. We completed our pirate passports and then jumped aboard the pirate ship, experiencing many different weather conditions. We carried out different jobs on board before discovering a message in a bottle! We received clues from the 'Rhyming Pirate' and children used their knowledge of rhyme to discover the treasure.

Pirate Activities and Parent Information.

Pirate Activities and Parent Information. 1

Easter Art and Pirate Dress Up Day

During the last week of the spring term, we enjoyed a variety of Easter themed activities. It was lovely that so many parents could join in the fun.

Letters were sent home before the Easter break to remind parents of our Pirate Dress Up Day on Wednesday 24th March. Children will be jumping upon a pirate ship and sharing in an adventure. 


Maths Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops

Our weekly parent workshops have included modelling how you can support your child at home through fun games and activities that make learning in Maths, Reading and Phonics both exciting and engaging.

Our focus at the start of the Spring term was Phonics and as we near the end of the term, moving into the Summer term, we will focus upon Maths. Our EYFS team will be providing parents with the opportunity to participate in whole class learning as well as activities that encourage independent learning. We will be covering the  six key areas of early mathematics learning, which collectively provide a platform for everything children will encounter as they progress through their maths learning at primary school, and beyond:

  • Understanding what numbers mean (knowing how many things they refer to) and counting
  • Comparison (knowing which numbers are worth more or less than each other)
  • Composition (knowing numbers are made up of two or more other smaller numbers)
  • Pattern (patterns can be made with objects like coloured cubes, small toys, buttons and keys, and with outdoor materials like pine cones, leaves or large blocks, as well as with movements and sound)
  • Shape (2D and 3D shape exploration and describing)
  • Measures (height, length, weight and capacity)

An exciting week of visitors

We have had lots of fun learning more about 'Space' this week. Mr Wisson, our weather expert, came in to answer our questions and share with us some similarities and differences between the different types of weather we experience. He was able to explain, through some very exciting experiments that Earth has different types of weather because of its atmosphere. Other planets in our solar system do not experience the same weather as we do on Earth.

We were also extremely excited to have received a gift from Bob (the man in the moon). This was kindly delivered by Mr Cobley who was surprised to learnt that the parcel came all the way from somewhere in space. Bob has given us some writing rucksacks so that we can practise our fantastic writing skills whilst we are choosing our learning activities. 

World Book Day 

Here are some of the fabulous costumes that children wore to celebrate World Book Day. Below is an attachment of our Phase 2 and 3 sound mats to help you to assist your child with their home learning and reading activities.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spring 2 - Space

Starlings and Robins have landed!

For our space 'wow' day, the children visited the moon. They explored movement and talked positively as they introduced themselves (in character) and met other characters sharing the rocket with them. This sometimes meant exploring different languages as many aliens had their own language. We problem solved and talked about safely to ensure we all reached the moon. The children also created songs about space inspired by the Year 6 African drumming they had listened to earlier on in the week. 


What did the children think about their moon visit?

"I didn't want to stop - I was flying around" (Ellie)

"I liked it when we were doing our jobs. My job was to clean the moon" (Jacob)

"I liked it when we drove the rocket and astronaut Davis opened the doors to let us out" (Kian)

"I liked meeting other people and speaking to them" (Darcy)


A huge effort was put in to the space themed costumes by parents and children. The creativity and effort that had gone in to each costume was amazing. The EYFS team would like thank parents and carers for their continued support. 



Our theme of dinosaurs started with the discovery of footprints!

We explored the school grounds looking at similarities and differences between the footprints that were discovered. The children came to school dressed in their dinosaur themed costumes and became palaeontologists . We investigated what the dinosaurs might have looked like by comparing the size of the footprints that they left compared to the size of our shoes. We were surprised that a Tyrannosaurus Rex had over 60 teeth and were amazed when we found them left in our classrooms. We discovered that this dinosaur could eat most of Robin class and Starling class in one gulp!


As we develop our themes through the children’s own individual interests, children planned how they could reunite the dinosaurs with the eggs that they had left hidden in our outside space. Children learnt about what is needed to stay healthy and explored good practises relating to exercise, sleep and hygiene. To welcome our dinosaur visitors, we baked cakes. It was decided that we would make cakes that herbivores would enjoy. Hopefully their carnivore friends would stay at home!


Our amazing trip to Seaton Jurassic

To enrich the children’s learning we visited Seaton Jurassic. We learnt about fossils and even made our own using clay. Children learnt about the life story of Mary Anning and how her discoveries changed geology and science forever. We explored the garden as palaeontologists and pieced together our mysterious marine reptile.


The importance of parents and carers supporting their child’s 'reading journey' through regular reading at home cannot be underestimated. Reading to and with your child can make a dramatic difference to their achievement within school. Developing a pleasure in reading involves giving your child the opportunity to talk about and share experiences relating to the events, characters and illustrations in their book. Your child will be given a Reading Log with some suggestions on how you can support them.


How long you spend reading at home, should be guided by your child. For younger children this may be around 15 minutes, while slightly older children may be ready to engage for longer. Therefore we expect only a few of the suggestions to be explored throughout each week.


Please ensure your child has their reading book and reading log in school each day.