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Willowbank's Curriculum Intent


The curriculum at Willowbank is broad, balanced and cohesive. Through learning purposeful, powerful knowledge, children are guided to develop the skills of questioning, analysis, resilience and consideration. With ambition at the core, the children are skilfully steered along a journey celebrating the richness, diversity and opportunities of the world they are growing up within. Learners are inspired. Rich experiences are non-negotiable. Memories are made. Every child’s potential is realised.



To facilitate and inspire curiosity and imagination through a wealth of individual and inspirational learning opportunities.

Year 1/2

To foster inquisitive learning attitudes that encourage adventure, risk taking and pride whilst instilling compassion and appreciation of the wider world.

Year 3/4

To develop inquisitive minds through the delivery of a purposeful, engaging curriculum developing independence, determination and a thirst for learning.

Year 5/6

To ensure all children graduate with a strong sense of motivation, resilience, respect for self and others and with the confidence to question and enquire.


We aim to provide a curriculum that is relevant for the children of Willowbank. As our cohorts change, so will our curriculum.