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We know all children learn best when they feel safe and valued as individuals. This belief and our relational approach underpins everything we promote in our inclusive learning environment; which is a calm and happy place to be. Our curriculum is designed to offer, as a minimum, the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. Each subject is valued equally and taught as individual subject disciplines. Our sequential planning for learning ensures a secure body of knowledge is gained and built upon. 

What will my child be taught and when?

In the following areas you can find more detailed information showing what your child will be taught during each half term.  

The Early Years and Foundation Stage Curriculum

Willowbank's Unique Curriculum Offer

This  Unique Curriculum Offer is the bespoke element of our curriculum and we have designed this in order to provide each child with an equity of experiences to draw upon and use in their learning. With this offer, we endeavour to celebrate the richness and diversity of the world, provide opportunities that enhance knowledge and understanding and inspire the minds of all children. This offer is in addition to the national curriculum requirements and in addition to the visits and visitors, we facilitate as part of our curriculum sequences. 

We hope that every child will graduate from Willowbank having enjoyed their primary years, feeling eager to continue their learning and having enjoyed a vast range of experiences and opportunities.

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, the learning in each subject is provided for all pupils in the school, including those with special educational needs.

For further information, please see our SEND information, The First Federation SEND policy and the First Federation Equality policy.


Please talk to your child’s teacher or contact the school office if you would like to find out more about our curriculum.