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School Vision and Values

Here at Willowbank Primary School, our core purpose and mission is to work together, using our collective strengths, to provide the best possible education for all.

Our vision is for all children to aspire, flourish and achieve within the heart of their community.

Our Vision:

Every individual will aspire, flourish and achieve in the heart of their community.

Our Values:





Underpinning our school vision for the children at Willowbank Primary is a commitment to ensuring that every child leaves the school with five core values that will help them become excellent role models in later life.


We aim to be:


Respectful - I value the rights and feelings of people within our community

Caring - I am caring and thoughtful towards people in our community

Determined - I try to solve problems in a lot of ways.

Honest - I can be relied upon to tell the truth.

Trustworthy – I can be trusted to make the right decisions.


These values form the foundation of all pupil relationships and guide the children in the decisions they make, both inside and outside the classroom. It is the responsibility of all the adults within the school community to ensure that these values are promoted and adhered to on an everyday basis.   We look for frequent opportunities to celebrate and reward those who strive to be the best they can be.


It is our aim to encourage good behaviour in our school, where positive self-

esteem and a healthy respect for others promotes an environment conducive to high quality learning.


As a school we focus upon encouraging positive self-esteem and use rewards extensively to congratulate and encourage good behaviour.