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Children's Mental Health week


The COVID-19 pandemic is a new and uncertain time for all of us so it is only natural that it will affect our mental health in different ways. Throughout this week and next, charities Place2Be and Get Set 4 PE have provided ideas on how to support your child’s mental health.


Get Set 4 PE, focuses on ‘One Piece at a Time’ and the aspects of ‘physical’, ‘giving back’ and ‘self-care’. The jigsaw puzzle pieces help us to explore how being active and taking time to appreciate ourselves and others contribute to positive mental wellbeing. Mrs Hillson’s Charlie Mackesy assembly initiated opportunities across the school to explore our own feelings as well as creating something positive for our community.  

One Piece at a Time:

This year, Place2Be have the theme of Express Yourself. They are encouraging both children and adults to explore the different ways that we can express ourselves. For example, expressing yourself can be about sharing your feelings, thoughts and ideas through creativity. Children could express how they feel through a piece of artwork or writing, or they could express it through a performance such as dance or drama. An important part of this theme is that expressing yourself doesn't mean that you're the best at something. It's all about finding a way to show other people who you are and how you feel. It's about showing how you see the world and finding a way to 'express yourself' which feels good to you. Expressing yourself in a way that's unique to you is a great way to improve mental wellbeing.