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Year 1/2

Unit 1, Year 1 and 2, 2020/21

Welcome to our Unit 1, Year 1/2 web page. Here you will find copies of our newsletters, curriculum overviews, home learning projects and information about the exciting things our children have been learning. 


Unit 1 Lead - Miss Jay

Unit 1 Classes and Teachers:

Bats - Miss Jay

Dragonflies - Miss Buttle

Newts - Miss Hayman


Please click on the links at the bottom of this page to download our S plans for English, Maths and Curriculum

Friday 2nd October

We have loved exploring our provision activities this week. Take a look at our secret sentences, pattern creations and word puzzle building!

Friday 11th September

What a fantastic first week back! We have loved exploring feelings and emotions with the children linking to the book The Colour Monster this week. The children have done some fantastic writing, art work and have added some lovely contributions to our feelings jars - well done everyone!

Welcome to our new Year 1s and 2s!

We are so excited to welcome back our new Year 1 and 2 classes on Monday. We have missed you all and cannot wait to hear about everything you have been doing during the holidays. Below is a social story which talks about some of the things that might be a little bit different when you come back to school next week. Ask an adult to read it to you before you come back on Monday so that you can see what the school and your classroom looks like, as well as remember the things you need to bring with you.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Miss Jay, Miss Hayman and Miss Buttle

Home Learning - WB 08.06.20

We have been so impressed with your data collection this week and have loved seeing your tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Here are some of our favourites.

Look at Noah's amazing Lego creation! Not only has he made this, he has described the important features of his model and how it works. Well done Noah, we are very impressed!

Noah's Lego Creation

Still image for this video

Home Learning - WB 01.06.20

Charlotte has listened really carefully to our chapters of The Magic Faraway Tree. Look at her amazing news report to summarise what she happened in Chapter 1. Well done Charlotte - we are certain that we will see you on the TV in the not too distant future!

Charlotte's summary of The Magic Faraway Tree - Chapter 1

Still image for this video

Max and Monty's Stop Animation

Still image for this video

Home Learning - WB 18.05.20

Look at these amazing comic strips! After listening to the story Traction Man, the children spent the week creating costumes for Traction Man, designing a new sidekick to help him on his adventures, investigating speech and thought bubbles and thinking of new adventures that Traction Man and his sidekick could go on. They then wrote a new page for the book, writing in the style of Mini Grey.

Home Learning - WB 11.05.20

Look at all of the incredible learning and wider experiences that have been taking place at home and in the surrounding areas this week!

Home Learning - WB 04.05.20

Look at all of the amazing letters that have been written to our classes and unit. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Home Learning - WB 27.04.20

Wow Unit 1 - it is lovely to see all of the amazing things you have been up to this week. We have seen some fantastic story maps and mountains, lots of hands-on learning linked to measurement and some beautiful happiness jars. As well as learning, we can also see you have been busy baking, looking after your pets, making rainbows, clapping for the NHS and coming up with your own exciting things to do at home.

Science Day March 16th, the whole school carried our a variety of experiments. 

In unit 1 the children learnt how to make a rainbow, they each had their own rainbow glasses. 

Science Day - Making Rainbows

Maths - Additive Structures - Year 1

Maths - Multiplication and Division - Year 2

Quince Honey Farm

Unit 1 had an incredible day at Quince Honey Farm this week. They had the opportunity to see how honey was extracted and poured into jars before extracting and tasting their own. The children learnt all about the wildlife surrounding bees as well as what bees needed to survive. Finally, the children took part in an interactive workshop where they investigated the amount of plastic used at Quince Honey Farm. The children got to try on beekeepers outfits, use the smokers and test the honey frames before looking into whether any plastic had been used. The children spoke with the people who worked at Quince and gave them ideas to reduce the amount of plastic they used on the farm.

Plastic Pirates

This week, a Pirate named Pirate Pat came into school to tell the children all about how plastic is affecting the creatures in the seas and oceans around the World. The children learnt about how plastic is affecting both the habitats and diet of many sea creatures and animals living near the seas. They went on a treasure hunt around the school, saving the animals from plastic pollution, thinking about how they can reuse, reduce or recycle plastic in order to prevent it from entering the sea.

A huge thank you to the Friends of Willowbank for their kind donation that allowed for this visit to take place, providing the children with a fun and engaging experience to develop their knowledge of the impact of plastic pollution.

English - Traditional Tales

Tropical? Warm? Temperate? Cold?

We have been learning about the different types of climates; looking at where on the globe different climates sit. We learnt that near the equator, climates are tropical or warm, but the further away you move from the equator, the colder the climate gets.

We created our own balloon globes to represent the different climates!

Crazy Climates!

Unit 1 have been learning about climates this week. On Tuesday, the children explored different climates, discussing what each one was like based on their observations. The children used the clues provided to help them to work out where in the world they might find this climate.


"This climate looks very dry and hot. There's lots of sand and there are snakes and lizards."

"This must be a cold climate, a very cold climate. There is lots of snow!"

"There are lots of trees in this climate. That means there must be rain."


On Wednesday, the children wrote questions to find out more about information about the countries that had been revealed:


"Do people live in the Amazon Rainforest?"

"How thick is the ice in Antarctica?"

"Where do the animals in Egypt get water from?"

"How many people live in the UK?"


English - Instructions

Busy Bookworm

We are very proud of Emilija for receiving her 100 Book Award from Book Track - what a fantastic achievement!

Year 1 - One More, One Less

Year 1 have been exploring how to represent one more and one less this week. The children came up with some fantastic ideas, choosing to use numicon or cubes to create 'one more, one less number lines' on the tables.

Fire Safety

Year 2 had a fantastic session learning about fire safety in the home this week. The children learned how smoke alarms work as well as how often to check them. They also learned why it was important to stay low to the ground in the event of a fire and how to prevent fire spreading on clothing by completing a Stop, Drop and Roll. Thank you to Nick from the Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service for leading such an informative session! 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction: 2-digit and 1-digit numbers - Year 2

Unit 1, Reporting for Willowbank News!

This week we turned into reporters for Willowbank News! We had to recall an exciting event from our Winter break and sequence it carefully, thinking about the things that made it interesting and exciting.

We then learned the skills needed to become a fantastic news reporter - we used some clips from Newsround to help us to understand how body language and tone of voice makes the listener interested.

After this, we reported on a partner’s news, remembering the sequence of each event and using language to make the report interesting.



Curriculum - In The Spotlight


English - Fact Files

Maths - Composition of Numbers: 0-5 - Year 1

Maths - Subtraction As Difference - Year 2

English - Letter Writing

Elf Delivery

Unit 1 have had a very special delivery over the weekend. Three mischievous elves were wrapped up and left in the children's classrooms. The children are both excited and concerned that the elves might get up to no good over the next few weeks so they are watching them carefully!


They also had a box of wrapped items which the children thought could be books. Only a few words were displayed on the front of each present - the children will decide which one they would like to open each day.

Year 2 Maths

Year 2 have been working incredibly hard in their maths this week. They have been using their knowledge of adding three numbers to help them to add two larger numbers, partitioning the second number to make a bond to ten before adding the remaining amount. The children have been representing this using tens frames, part-whole models and a cherry representation to show their 'make ten' strategy.

Becky Bettesworth Visit

Unit 1 were so excited to welcome Becky Bettesworth, a local artist, into school on Thursday. Becky told the children all about how she has developed her artwork over the years and where she gets her inspiration from. The children had the opportunity to ask her lots of questions to find out more information about her and her work.

Becky then visited each class and saw the art work that the children had produced. They chose significant places in Cullompton such as Duck Valley, St Andrew's Church and the War Memorial, representing these by cutting out 2D shapes from coloured paper and layering the shapes, just like Becky does with her work.


What an inspiring afternoon and incredible opportunity for the children - thank you so much Becky!

Where in the World do we live?

This week, children have been exploring the different continents that make up the world, using maps, atlases and globes to help them to locate them. From this, children will begin to investigate the different countries which make up the United Kingdom, before looking at Cullompton's local environment, producing a piece of art to represent a place that is significant to them.


Buddy Reading

Bats Class loved their Buddy Reading session with Foxes Class on Friday. The Year 6 children chose a book that they thought their buddy would like and read it to them, asking them questions about what they thought might happen next, or how much they enjoyed the book. The Year 1 and 2s then had the opportunity to share their favourite book with their buddy, showing them their fantastic reading.


"When we read with our buddies again, am I going to read with Danny? I loved reading with Danny!" - Sammy


"Tara listened really well and she read some of the tricky words." - Ryan


"Phoebe knew about all of the different characters in the book!" - Isla


Thank you Foxes Class, we can't wait to read with you again after half term!

Maths - Comparison of Quantities and Measures - Year 1

Maths - Addition and Subtraction: Bridging 10 - Year 2

English - Stories - There's a Snake in My School

Strange Sightings in School

Unit 1 were faced with a crime scene this morning... a strange trail of glitter and a lot of mess was seen in the library.


After some detective work, the children were emailed a news report which stated that a huge snake had been spotted slithering through the school grounds on Friday!


The children have since created WANTED posters for the venemous creature, describing it using careful vocabulary... will the beast be found?

The Exciting Launch of Bug Club!

Unit 1 are very excited to announce that we are now allocating books electronically, following our weekly guided reading sessions. This is a fantastic new resource which the children are already thoroughly enjoying. The children are able to answer quiz questions based on the books that they read, earning coins which can then be spent on rewards!


Children have all been given a username, password and school code which allows access to the site. Details of these have been stuck into the front of their Reading Journal. The website link to follow is


We would encourage all parents to attend one of our two, short workshop sessions, allowing you to see how the site works as well as ask any questions you may have.

The sessions will be held in Bats Class and will take place at the following times:

Monday 30th September – 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Thursday 3rd October – 5:00pm – 5:30pm

Perfect Place Value!

Unit 1 have worked hard this week to demonstrate their understanding of number. Year 1 children have focused on sorting, counting, reading and writing numbers, representing these in many different ways. Year 2 have been working on representing 2-digit numbers using a variety of resources, as well as partitioning and recombining numbers using a part-whole model. 

English - Autobiographies

Maths - Place Value

This is Me

Our first theme this year is 'This is Me'. There will be lots of exciting learning taking place, focusing around art, geography and PSHCE. Children will be developing their vocabulary as well as learning the skills of sharing opinion, compromise and having an awareness of self, others and wellbeing.