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Year 3/4

Welcome Back to Unit 2 - Year 3 and 4 2020-2021

Welcome  to the Unit 2, Year 3/4 web page. Here you will find copies of our newsletters, curriculum overviews, home learning projects and information about the exciting things our children have been learning. 


Unit Lead  -  Mr Jay Owens

Unit 2 Classes and Teachers

Hedgehogs - Mrs Ware and Mrs Playford

Otters - Mrs Staples

Squirrels - Mr Owens


Spellings for half term and week beginning 7th June

Spelling Week Beginning 24th May

Spelling Week Beginning 17th May

Spelling List Week Beginning 10th May

Spelling List Week Beginning 3rd May

Spelling week beginning 26th April 2021

Spelling Week beginning 19th April

Spelling Week Beginning 29th March

Spelling Week Beginning 22nd March

Spelling Week beginning 16th March

Spelling Week beginning 8th March

Spelling week beginning 1st March

Spelling List week beginning 22nd February

Spelling List Week beginning 8th February (also needed for spelling work on Friday 5th February)

Spelling List week beginning 1st February

Spelling List week beginning 25th January

Max's Science Experiment

Still image for this video
Max has recorded an Experiment for you to try out. He has explained everything you need in the video and demonstrates how to carry it out. Have a go and see if you can make it work. We would love to see your pictures.

Spelling week beginning 18th January

Spellings week beginning 11th January

Home Learning Grid Spring Term

Spellings for over Christmas and wb 4/1/2021

Spelling wb- 14/12/2020

Spellings wb 7.12.2020

Egyptian Sculptures

We have been learning about sculptures and why they are important.  We have also been looking at the range of things that they have been made from.  Then we had a chance to make our Ancient Egyptian inspired sculptures.


This week, we are looking forward to making these into some stop-frame animations.

All Wrapped Up!

We have been busy continuing to learn about Ancient Egypt.  Through practical exploration, we have learnt all about mummification.  We have been making models of the process.  Why not ask us at home if we can remember the steps and facts about it.  To wrap up this piece of learning, we were able to create our own fact files, leaflets and posters, summarising our knowledge.

Back to Learning

We have enjoyed working on our new curriculum sequence about Ancient Egypt.  We have been asking lots of questions to deepen our understanding.  When we were learning about the river Nile, we challenged our teachers with questions about our knowledge.  You could have a discussion at home about this learning.


This week in unit 2, we have been writing a short Narrative about the book 'Here We Are'.  I think you'll agree that we have done a great job.  (Click on the pictures to take a closer look)

Roald Dahl Day

Our day was filled with mischief making, Oompa-Loompa, BFG's, Matildas and many other fantastic Characters! Thank you for all of your efforts. The children looked fantastic! Across the day, the children took part in a range of activities, solving riddles, quizzes, designing a new book cover and many more wonderful things. Below, you will find a selection of pictures taken of the day.  

Back To School

The children have been delighted to be back to school this week.  We have been so impressed with how they have come back.  They have been ready to learn and they have done a great job of remembering routines after so long off.


We have spent lots of time this week focusing PSHE and talking about changes back in school and how we can reconnect with our friends.  An overwhelming number of children have been very vocal about how much they have been looking forward to coming back to their learning.


All classes have made it outside for their first PE sessions of the year and have enjoyed practising and refining some athletic skills.

Home learning work

Have a look at some of the exciting learning that is happening at home.  We are incredibly proud of all your hard work during this strange time. Well done Unit 2.



Examples of fantastic non-chronological reports about mythical creatures.

Musical instruments

Still image for this video

Thank you Letters


Last week, we asked you to write some thank you letters. We were so impressed with your writing, and how grateful you are to the people who are helping to look after us. Here are some examples...

Rocket science

Still image for this video
We love the home made rocket!

More rocket fun

Still image for this video

and more....

Still image for this video

Coding experts

Still image for this video

Amazing movie makers

Still image for this video
Have a look at some of the movies made by our Year 3 and 4 children - great working from home learning. Well done

Brilliant work using scratch

Still image for this video

Year 3 and 4 Fashion Show

Still image for this video
Unit 2 worked really hard to design and create their own stencils and lettering using a graffiti art style. The finished designs were transferred to t shirts and modelled by our wonderful designers.
We are very proud of our young designers.

Science Day

Science day on March 16th was enjoyed by the whole school. 

In unit 2 we were fortunate that Mr Wisson visited the unit and shared experiments and knowledge of the weather with the children. They predicted the weather forecast for the following day, with Hedgehogs prediction being the most accurate. They made their own volcano's, carried out an experiment illustrating the importance of using soap when washing hands and made a balloon rocket. 

Fossil Hunting in Lyme Regis


Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic trip to Lyme Regis this week, linked to our Science work on rocks, soils and fossils. They learnt about how fossils were made and the famous paleontologist, Mary Anning. They then walked along the beach to find some real fossils and were very excited to see how many they were and to bring some home. The staff and volunteers at the workshop were very impressed by the children's knowledge and enthusiasm about fossils- well done Unit 2!

World Book Day- 5th March 2020


We were amazed by the fantastic costumes that the children wore today for World Book Day! The children in Unit 2 enjoyed discussing the different things that they read every day, including the news, the weather and the back of their breakfast packets! They also enjoyed the chance to share a book together, and participated in a special World Book Day Move and Choose.

Our New Units in Maths

Our New English Unit- Plastic Sucks


In English this week, we have been learning all about plastic and its good and bad points.

The children used a range of sources to find out about plastic, including videos, websites and information sheets. They used this to make an information poster and then presented their work to the rest of the class in small groups.

Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at the book 'Plastic Sucks' by Dougie Poynter, and using this as a stimulus for our persuasive writing unit. We will be learning how to write persuasively, and also how to write a formal letter, before writing a persuasive letter to a well known business, asking them to reduce the amount of plastic they use. 

The children are very interested in this unit, and we are looking forward to reading their persuasive arguments! 

New Units in English, Curriculum and Year 4 Maths

Amazing Poetry


This week Unit 2 have been looking at the book 'The Lost Words'. They have enjoyed the chance to read acrostic poems with vocabulary that interests and excites. They have also enjoyed looking at the beautiful artwork.

After exploring some of the poems, the children had a go at illustrating and writing their own. Here are a few of the many amazing examples of work we have seen this week.

Useful Websites


The children in Unit 2 have been very keen to keep practising their skills and learning at home. Here are some useful websites you may wish to look at with your child...


Don't forget- Times Tables Rock Stars for practising times tables and Spelling Frame for practising spellings

Forest School 


This week we were getting ready to take part in the RSPB big schools bird watch. We built bird hides using our den making skills and did an amazing job! Next week we will be using observation sheets in our bird hides to count the birds we see.
We also found lots of ice around the garden and the children were surprised to see how think it was! We had some great conversations about why some of the ice had survived from the cold mornings on Monday and Tuesday and others areas of ice had already melted.

Science in Unit 2


Year 3 and 4 had a great time investigating the properties of different rocks.  We worked like real scientists, making observations and sorting into different categories using venn and caroll diagrams.  Great work Unit 2. 


History and Archaeology

This week, we have been learning about a Stone Age archaeological dig in North Yorkshire. We looked at photos, information texts and a video simulation of what life might have been like, before collating all this information into our own factfiles. Here are some examples:

The Launch of Our New Curriculum Sequence- We Are Archaeologists!


Unit 2 had a very interesting first week back this term. As part of our new Curriculum sequence focussing on History and Geography, we had a visit from a local archaeologist. She explained a little about what archaeology was, and then answered the children's questions. Amazing facts included that elephant and hippopotamus bones have been found near Honiton!


Later in the week, the children made toilet roll timelines, looking at British history spanning 10,000 years. The children learnt about key vocabulary including AD, BC and millennia, and learnt that if we had continued to the beginning of the Stone Age, we'd have had to make our timeline start at CCC!


The children have been very interested in this topic so far, and are looking forward to learning more.

Our New Units for English and Curriculum

Spring Term newsletter

Home Learning for Spring Term

Communication launch afternoon


Year 3 and 4 took part in an exciting activities afternoon to launch our new topic of communication.  The children talked about the word communication and thought about different ways of communicating including verbal, non-verbal, sound, written etc. 

During the afternoon, Unit 2 received a video call from some Year 7 students (ex Willowbank) at Cullompton Community College.  Year 3 and 4 talked to the students via webcam about life in CCC and how they felt about their new school.  We also received a coded message!! The children were fascinated to learn about morse code - we looked at the morse code alphabet and worked together to decipher the message.  We then recorded our own message to send back.  Can you work out our answer? 


Morse code message

Our next curriculum unit


Communication s plan



This week in Curriculum, we have been studying RE. We have specifically focused on the Christian rite of baptism, and why it might be important to Christians to be baptised. We also looked at the Bible story of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. Finally, we looked at how some of the values that we find important, such as friendship and respect, are also important to the Christian faith.

Our next English unit

Latest curriculum planning overview


In Science this week we carried out an experiment exploring the digestive system.

Art Learning


We are coming to the end of this unit in Curriculum, and the children have been practising Art skills in preparation for creating their final piece of artwork. They have been revising the basic colour wheel of primary and secondary colours from Key Stage 1, and adding the tertiary colours to this knowledge. They have also been exploring different mediums of paint: powder paint, watercolour paint and poster paint, and they have been using all three of these to mix the different primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

The children will now go on to painting the same picture three times using the different paint mediums for each one, before expressing a preference for their final piece of work.

The children will be displaying their artwork in an Art Gallery exhibition in school on November 15th at 3pm.

 What are we learning in English and Maths?

Year 3 Plan  


English S Plan



Our Trip To Killerton House


Unit Two had a fantastic visit to Killerton House this week. They visited the house, and enjoyed exploring the different rooms downstairs. The old pianos caught many children's interest, and we were even able to listen to some music being played. They also saw a painting with a 'selfie', and they were fascinated by the number of books in the library.

Upstairs, the children enjoyed seeing a range of clothing, both old and modern, based on trees and forests. The children were surprised to learn that material can be made from different trees. They enjoyed looking at the patterns and decorations and imagining what life must have been like for the people wearing them.

Outside, the children walked around the gardens looking at the trees and plants that grow there. They visited the bear hut and the chapel, and looked at the sundial in the garden.

The children really impressed us with their interest and enthusiasm, and we were very proud of how they represented our school in such a positive way. We have even had an email from a volunteer at the National Trust, who said "What a pleasure they were to talk to, answering some very interesting questions.  I have had such a fun day because of them.  They were all a real credit to your school, and their parents." Well done Unit 2!

All About Skeletons


This week in Science, the children have been looking at skeletons. They learnt that animals and humans have skeletons, some internal and some external, and they sorted animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.

Later they drew around each other, and attempted to label the main bones in the human body.


Forest School


Each week, the children in Unit 2 get to enjoy a forest school session, learning outdoors whatever the weather! These sessions link loosely to our theme, but are also an excellent chance for them to develop core skills such as team work and perseverance.


Last week in forest school they began to think about homes from around the world and how diverse they are.  They worked in teams to build their own shelters demonstrating skills such as knot tying, communication, team work, problem solving and imagination. Their shelters had to be big enough for more than one person to fit in, have a door and include a special feature! Some special features included a washing line and dining area!
The children showed great determination and were not put off by the rain at all!

This week the children will continue to look at homes from around the globe, but they will be making smaller versions this time.  They will be looking at how the design of a house or home is affected by the landscape it is situated in.

Our Pets 

At the start of term, Unit 2 were introduced to their new pets, two beautiful guinea pigs. We are really pleased that our pets have settled into their new home and the children are really enjoying learning how to look after them. Over the year, children in Unit 2 will take turns to feed them and change their bedding. We will keep you updated on their progress.

Healthy Eating

In Science, the children have been learning about healthy eating. They learnt about all the different food groups and how they help us to stay healthy and grow. They also learnt that we need different amounts of the different food groups, such as more vegetables than fats.

Using what they have learnt, the children created their own dinner plates. They enjoyed thinking about some of the different food combinations!

Launch of our First Theme

On Friday 6th September, we launched our first theme of the year: 'What Makes Me, Me?' The children came dressed in clothes that they feel reflect them, including football kits, Super Mario t-shirts, theatre school tops, and we even had a Storm Trooper!

We spent the day exploring what makes each of us special. We used our imaginations when writing poetry, and created graffiti silhouettes showing what is important to us. By the end of the day, every child could say what made them unique.

We will now look at the British artists L S Lowry and Banksy, and explore how the culture and life at the time has affected their art work. Later in the term, the children will be creating their own art work that they feel reflects their own cultural influences.

                          Autumn Term 2019

(click on the links below to download copies)































Welcome to our new additions to Unit 2


Years 3 and 4 were very excited to meet our new additions to Unit 2.  Charlotte and Sofia, our guinea pigs, moved into their new home over the holiday and were ready to greet the children when they returned to school on Wednesday.  The children will be learning how to care for the guinea pigs and will take turns to look after them.  


We will post regular updates on our webpage.  



What makes me,me topic launch day.

Friday 6th September.  

Come to school dressed in an outfit that reflects you (e.g. football kit, favourite book character).