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Year 3/4

Unit 2, Year 3/4, 2019/20

Welcome  to the Unit 2, Year 3/4 web page. Here you will find copies of our newsletters, curriculum overviews, home learning projects and information about the exciting things our children have been learning. 

Unit 2 leads  -  Mrs Nicola Kelly/Mrs Abby Coe

Unit 2 classes and teachers

Hedgehogs - Mrs Gwenllian Ware/Mrs Amanda Chapman

Squirrels - Mr Jay Owens

Otters - Mrs Nicola Kelly/Mrs Abby Coe

Our Trip To Killerton House


Unit Two had a fantastic visit to Killerton House this week. They visited the house, and enjoyed exploring the different rooms downstairs. The old pianos caught many children's interest, and we were even able to listen to some music being played. They also saw a painting with a 'selfie', and they were fascinated by the number of books in the library.

Upstairs, the children enjoyed seeing a range of clothing, both old and modern, based on trees and forests. The children were surprised to learn that material can be made from different trees. They enjoyed looking at the patterns and decorations and imagining what life must have been like for the people wearing them.

Outside, the children walked around the gardens looking at the trees and plants that grow there. They visited the bear hut and the chapel, and looked at the sundial in the garden.

The children really impressed us with their interest and enthusiasm, and we were very proud of how they represented our school in such a positive way. We have even had an email from a volunteer at the National Trust, who said "What a pleasure they were to talk to, answering some very interesting questions.  I have had such a fun day because of them.  They were all a real credit to your school, and their parents." Well done Unit 2!

All About Skeletons


This week in Science, the children have been looking at skeletons. They learnt that animals and humans have skeletons, some internal and some external, and they sorted animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.

Later they drew around each other, and attempted to label the main bones in the human body.


Picture 1

Forest School


Each week, the children in Unit 2 get to enjoy a forest school session, learning outdoors whatever the weather! These sessions link loosely to our theme, but are also an excellent chance for them to develop core skills such as team work and perseverance.


Last week in forest school they began to think about homes from around the world and how diverse they are.  They worked in teams to build their own shelters demonstrating skills such as knot tying, communication, team work, problem solving and imagination. Their shelters had to be big enough for more than one person to fit in, have a door and include a special feature! Some special features included a washing line and dining area!
The children showed great determination and were not put off by the rain at all!

This week the children will continue to look at homes from around the globe, but they will be making smaller versions this time.  They will be looking at how the design of a house or home is affected by the landscape it is situated in.

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Picture 3

Our Pets 

At the start of term, Unit 2 were introduced to their new pets, two beautiful guinea pigs. We are really pleased that our pets have settled into their new home and the children are really enjoying learning how to look after them. Over the year, children in Unit 2 will take turns to feed them and change their bedding. We will keep you updated on their progress.

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Healthy Eating

In Science, the children have been learning about healthy eating. They learnt about all the different food groups and how they help us to stay healthy and grow. They also learnt that we need different amounts of the different food groups, such as more vegetables than fats.

Using what they have learnt, the children created their own dinner plates. They enjoyed thinking about some of the different food combinations!

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Picture 2

Launch of our First Theme

On Friday 6th September, we launched our first theme of the year: 'What Makes Me, Me?' The children came dressed in clothes that they feel reflect them, including football kits, Super Mario t-shirts, theatre school tops, and we even had a Storm Trooper!

We spent the day exploring what makes each of us special. We used our imaginations when writing poetry, and created graffiti silhouettes showing what is important to us. By the end of the day, every child could say what made them unique.

We will now look at the British artists L S Lowry and Banksy, and explore how the culture and life at the time has affected their art work. Later in the term, the children will be creating their own art work that they feel reflects their own cultural influences.

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                          Autumn Term 2019

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Welcome to our new additions to Unit 2


Years 3 and 4 were very excited to meet our new additions to Unit 2.  Charlotte and Sofia, our guinea pigs, moved into their new home over the holiday and were ready to greet the children when they returned to school on Wednesday.  The children will be learning how to care for the guinea pigs and will take turns to look after them.  


We will post regular updates on our webpage.  



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

What makes me,me topic launch day.

Friday 6th September.  

Come to school dressed in an outfit that reflects you (e.g. football kit, favourite book character).