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WB 04 Jan

Cooking Recipes- Videos below

I am excited to announce that Move and Choose is still going ahead!


Move and Choose is where the children choose the one book they would like to hear. The two books with the most votes are then streamed online for the children to listen too.

What I need you to do is share the form below (it should open on any device), share the book options with your child/children and vote for the book they want to hear. Your child/children only get one vote.

I will announce the top two books on Wednesday 13thJanuary. Your votes must be in my Tuesday 12th for them to be counted!!


You will notice that under each book there are options 1,2 and 3. This is for those families who have multiple children in their household who may want to vote for the same book. Your child needs to choose just one book and the you click the number 1 under that book title. Scroll to the bottom and click submit.

Many Thanks for your support.

Mrs Staples

Mrs Ware Cooking - Part 1

Mrs Ware Cooking - Part 2