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Devon Virtual Games - Golf Challenge 


Bronze: Design and draw on paper or computer, a nine-hole golf course.

Silver: Complete Bronze and two further skills of your choice

Gold: Complete Bronze and Silver and all the skills.

Devon Virtual Games - Orienteering 


This would be a fantastic activity for you to complete around the house, garden or local area - the perfect opportunity to get away from the screen!


If you are interested in this event and would like the resource printed, please email Miss Gibbs.

Cricket Challenge 

The Devon Cricket Virtual Skills Challenge is here!

Week 1 - Clap and Catch

How does it work?


  • There will be individual leaderboards for each challenge as well as an ongoing school leaderboard

  • The school finishing top of the overall leaderboard will win a Kwik Cricket kit bag!

Share your efforts

Don't forget to tag Devon Cricket in on Social Media & use the hashtag #DCVirtualCricketChallenge with any great videos or pictures that you take of yourself in action & we'll share as many as we can!

Devon Virtual Games - SKIPPING CHALLENGE


Devon Virtual Games has announced the first challenge - SKIPPING. Lots of athletes including boxers use skipping to build their stamina and fitness so why not give it a go. Follow the link below to register your interest, or contact Miss Gibbs. 

#DevonVirtualGamesSkipping Challenge Rope Incentive Form Survey (

Let Miss Gibbs know if you've joined - she'll be able to keep an eye for additional information and the results once it's ended. 

Spring Term 2021


Remember to get out of the house everyday for your daily exercise - this will help to keep you active, healthy and help with your mental health and keep to keep you feeling positive. 


Coming soon... Spring Term virtual sports events!



Willowbank's Virtual Sports Day


One of the highlights of the Summer Term is the opportunity for us all to come together for Sports Day. This year we will be holding a Virtual Sports Day between Monday 6th and Sunday 12th July. As a family you may choose to complete the events in 1 day or you can spread them across the week. Like any other sports day, your child/children will be earning points for their house (Ash, Beech, Chestnut and Oak) and they will be competing against all the other houses to see who will be crowned winners of Willowbank School Sports Day 2020.

Virtual Sports Day so far...

Still image for this video

Sport Day Events

Still image for this video
Here are some of our Year 6 House Captains and Sports Leaders demonstrating a few of the events for our Virtual Sports Day. 📕📗📒📘🏆
Congratulations to all the children who took part in the Devon Virtual School 'Run, Jog, Walk' Challenge and 'Sports Hall Pentathlon' . It's great to see Willowbank entering county competitions. 

Devon Summer School Virtual Games


Active Devon and the School Games Organisers are hosting the Devon Summer School Games with a twist!


All competitions are virtual, and you can enter as many of them as you like. The competitions are suitable to do at home, in your backyard or garden or at school. They give you the chance to virtually team up with your classmates, represent your school and compete against other children from across Devon!

The #DevonVirtualGames will run from the 18th May 2020 – 13th July 2020 with six different events for you to enter. Individuals will be able to submit their entries via an online link. The last additional event will be a set of family-based challenges which will run throughout the summer holidays. Every Monday at 10am throughout June we will post a new competition for you to get involved in. Each competition will be open for a limited amount of time. 

There will be medals, certificates, and prize categories for each event. All entries will also be included into a prize draw for the chance to win some great prizes, plus the school with the highest percentage of their pupils taking part will also win a prize, so make sure you tell your friends from school to get involved too!


Below is a timetable of events. 

Event 6 - Andy Murray 100 Volley Challenge 


This competition is all about tennis volleys. The challenge has been set by Andy Murray himself - check out Andy and his wife demonstrating how it’s done here:



Event 5 - Create a 7th Spirit of the Games Value for Devon


The School Games and #DevonVirtualGames is about creating a positive and rewarding experience for all, and bringing together sport, culture and education.  Competition really explores our personal values and how we behave. We learn how to handle victory, defeat and adversity. We learn how to put ourselves to the test, and how to respect opponents and work with others to achieve success.   
Your Creative Challenge: Create a new 7th Spirit of the Games Value for Devon and explain its meaning.


For Your Information, the Existing 6 Spirit of the Games Values Are: 

Determination: Keep going no matter what. Determination is about the journey you go on to push yourself and achieve your dreams to become the very best you can be. Don’t hold back!

Honesty: With others and with yourself. Have the courage to do the right thing. Be truthful and promote fairness in every situation.    

Passion: Giving it 100%, putting your heart and soul into whatever you are doing and never giving up. Caring about what you do and the people around you and approach each opportunity with enthusiasm and positivity.    

Respect: Treating others politely and with understanding. Accepting life’s ‘ups and downs’ with grace. Respecting every day, in everything you do and for everyone around you.  

Self-Belief: You’ve got to believe to achieve. Have the self- assurance and confidence to succeed and reach your personal best.    

Teamwork: Treat everyone equally, support each other and work together to have fun and achieve your potential. Celebrate each other’s success. Be a good friend and a positive team player in school, sport and life.  

Event 4 - Boccia – Sock-ia


Sock-ia is the same as boccia however you use socks instead of boccia balls. This game can be played individually or with other family members in your household.


Before You Start:
You need to create a space and have access to either the score sheet below or you can create your own. You will need plenty of balls of socks (at least five per player), ideally each player has a different colour as well as one brightly coloured sock to be used as the target sock. 


Rules for the Event:
One player throws the bright coloured sock, this is the target sock. Then each player takes it in turns to throw their own sock as close to the target sock as possible. Once all the socks have been thrown the player who gets their sock the closest to the target sock is the winner. 

Event 3 - Dance 

This event gives you the chance to have some fun creating your own dance routine to the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weekend. Your routine will have to be no longer than 1 minutes in duration, but you can use any style of dance you like. If we have adequate entries and permissions allow, we will be editing clips of all the entries to create a dance video routine to thank all key workers for their hard work. This is a chance to get your best dance moves out and show them off, but most importantly have fun! 

Before You Start:
Listen to the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weekend and pick the section of the song you want to dance to.  

How to Complete the Event:
Create your own routine either on your own or with people from your household (parents are allowed to participate) to our chosen song and once you are happy ask someone in your household to record your masterpiece and send it in to us! Get creative with props and costumes if you like. 


Rules for the Event:
Make sure your routine is no longer that 1 minutes. The only song to be used is ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weekend. At some point during your amazing routine, please can you hold up a rainbow. You can colour/ draw/ paint one, whatever you fancy this will be used to create a video of everyone’s routines to say thank you to key workers.   


How to Score:  
Once all the entries are in, we will watch your amazing routines and score out of 10 for each category (total 60 points): 
• Choreography

• Energy

• Use of space

• Use of levels  

• Incorporation of rainbow

• Overall performance

Event 2 - Sports Hall Athletics Home Pentathlon


The Sports Hall Athletics Home Pentathlon comprises 5 sports hall athletics events which you can do at home. Shuttle Run, Standing Long Jump, Vertical Jump, Speed Bounce and Target Throw.   

Before You Start: You will need the following:

• Someone to help score/photograph/video you

• Paper and pen, to write down your scores

• Stopwatch (or a phone that can record seconds and tenths of a second)

• ‘Wedge’ (e.g. rolled up towel/kitchen rolls/toilet roll)

• Tape measure (ruler or make your own)

• 3 Balls (rolled up socks/tennis balls/soft toys)

• A ‘bin –type’ target (bin/washing basket/bucket/cardboard box) 


Shuttle Run – The time taken to complete 20 x 5 metre shuttles. 

Standing Long Jump – Starting from behind zero cm, (taking off with 2 feet and landing on 2 feet) jump as far as you can.

Vertical Jump – Stand with your back to the wall with your arms fully extended and make a mark at this height. Then jump up and touch the tape measure/ or printed sheet, as high as you can. 

Speed Bounce – Total number of two footed jumps over your ‘wedge’ completed in 20 seconds. 

Target Throw – Having placed a target (bucket, wastepaper bin, box) 3 meters away, you will throw 3 objects trying to land your objects in the target, after you complete this, the target should be moved 2 metres further away to a total distance of 5 metres from your start line.  

Use template in the PDF below to keep track of your trial scores but do not forget to complete the online form to submit your best score in the competition. Entries close at 5pm Sunday 21st June 2020. 


Event 1: Walk - Jog - Run Devon


You have until Sunday 14th June, 5pm to complete this event. 


Conquer a Devon Route – Virtually 


Either walk, jog, or run to accumulating distances over 4 weeks.
Primary School Age Participants
20 miles for Bronze
30 miles for Silver
40 miles for Gold

To find out more information, click on the PDF below. 

East Devon School Games and PE


Below are some ideas of physical activities you can do at home with your family.

Blue Peter 2020 Sport Badge


Blue Peter are giving you the chance to earn your 2020 Sport Badge. All you have to do is try a new sport or physical activity, such as dancing using an online dance tutorial, or learning a new skill such as skipping. The only rules are that it has to be physical, and it must be something you haven't done before. Once you have completed the activity for 10 minutes over 5 days, get someone to take a photo of you, or draw a picture of yourself doing the activity, fill in the application form and send it off to Blue Peter.


Further information can be found on this webpage:

Joe Wicks workouts for children


Lots of you have enjoyed PE with Joe - here is a link which will provide you with lots of other workouts he has created for children.