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Home Learning

As a school, we value the importance of supporting our children to develop the skills of responsibility, managing a routine and completing tasks within an expected time period. Our home learning tasks are designed to enhance our primary curriculum, which is much broader now than it ever was in the past.

We encourage all parents and carers to be actively involved in discussing your child’s home learning with them, so that they can benefit from your experience and enjoy a wider perspective.

Each week, the children will be expected to complete the following age appropriate home learning tasks:

EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2:

  • Reading – a decodable phonics book matched to your child’s level, which your child should be able to read independently
  • Reading – a ‘book of choice’, which may be out of your child’s phonic reach. These books aim to promote a love of reading and are selected by the children based on choice. These are for you to read with or to your child
  • Phonics – focus sounds and words taught in phonics sessions that week to be practiced at home (more information to follow)

Year 3 and Year 4:

  • Reading – read a book that is guided by your child’s ZPD.  It is expected that children will do this at least 3 times a week and answer questions in their reading records (specific stickers given to match the reading focus of your child.
  • TT rockstars - tables will be set to match each week’s times table focus.  There is a weekly challenge too where classes compete for the top spot on the podium.
  • Spellings – More information to follow.

Year 5 and Year 6:

  • Reading – read an independent book, guided by your child’s suggested ZPD. This needs to be at least 3 times a week and your child will need to record a comment into their reading record book. Each week, they will be given raffle tickets to celebrate this and half termly rewards shared amongst the class.
  • TT Rock Stars – every child now has their own log in for TT Rock Stars ( where they can practise and challenge themselves on their times tables. We will often have class and unit games set up and promote healthy competition within our unit.
  • Spellings – more information to follow.

In addition to this, we provide a whole-school weekly task that begins with a question. This question is designed to inspire children to think, research, talk and explore the area or topic, it will often be related to a topical event to help broaden the children’s perspectives of the wider world. We hope that through this being a whole school question, siblings will be able to work collaboratively to explore the question of the week. There is no set expectation for the outcome of this task; you can let your child’s interests lead the way! Some weeks this may be more of a discussion over dinner, whereas other weeks you may wish to create a model or go on a visit relating to the question.

We will set a new question each Monday and the outcome will be due in the following Monday. Each week there will be time set aside in each class for children to share the outcomes of their home learning task with their peers.

The ideas and opportunities are endless as long as your child has considered the question.

Please email photos or bring in evidence of your outcomes for your child’s class teacher to see. If, as previously mentioned, the outcome has been a conversation or discussion then a verbal overview of this from your child will be fine.

Homework - Monday 18th October 2021

October is black history month: a time where we celebrate the rich contribution of the black community to the culture, society and economy of the UK. The event was officially recognised by the US government in 1976, and first celebrated in the UK in 1987.

There are many black people around the world who have helped to shape the society that we live in today. Choose one. What's their story and how have they inspired you?

Some examples of well-known people you could choose:

  • Martin Luther King
  • Marcus Rashford
  • Rosa Parks
  • Mo Farah
  • Michelle Obama
  • Mary Seacole
  • Simone Biles

Homework - Monday 11th October 2021

Richard Branston flew the first commercial flight into space this week. Here is a video of him doing this:

What would you do if you were able to take a trip to space?

Homework - Monday 4th October 2021

What does mindfulness mean to you?

Some suggestions for how you could answer this question and demonstrate your learning may be:

  • Practice some mindfulness activities to share with your peers (e.g. triangle breathing, mindfulness colouring)
  • Create your own mindfulness activity
  • Teach your parents or carers a mindfulness activity that you have been practicing in school
  • Make a poster to show what mindfulness means to you
  • Research mindfulness and the impact it has on your body


We look forward to seeing and hearing some of your ideas throughout the week!