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Monday 18th January

Morning and welcome to a new week of learning. We are excited to share that Exeter City Primary Stars have produced a Physical Education for us to participate in. The film is around 20 minutes long. you can complete the whole session at once or use it a short section at a time to help with movement breaks if it becomes a little tricky to concentrate. Please click the link below:

Live session information:

Please note that guidance across our academy trust has changed meaning that we no longer need to record the live sessions you have with your child's teacher. If your child is participating in small group or individual live sessions, these will still be recorded. Any sessions recorded prior to this change in guidance will still be securely stored for the correct amount of time before being deleted

2 o'clock activity menu

Friday 15th January

Good morning and welcome to Friday's home learning. We have been introducing 3D shapes this week and used actions to remind children. As a reminder: 

3D shapes name

Cube- pretend to roll a dice and say “cube”

Cone-  pretend to lick an ice-cream and say “cone”

Cuboid- pretend to sneeze and say “cuboid”

Sphere- pretend to bounce a ball on the ground and say “sphere”

Square based pyramid- pretend to walk like Egyptian (move with your arms up, hands curved and fingers pointing straight) saying “square based pyramid”

Daily Outline for Caterpillars and Tadpoles

2 o'clock activity menu board

Thursday 14th January

Good morning and welcome to Thursdays learning tasks and activities. We are excited to have 'Move and Choose' at 9am instead of our daily welcome. Please refer to your child's class' daily outline for more information and links.

Wednesday 13th January

Good morning! To make it easier for you to plan your day, we have placed Daily Outlines on our Home Learning Page with an overview of the day's activities. Underneath we have placed resources that you will need for the day. Those resources which you may have already printed, we have placed under the Continuous Resources section. If you are choosing to print the resources, these just need to be printed once. Additional guidance will also be available for each day. 

Bug Club


 Bug Club resources to support your child's reading and phonics learning. The documents below are a useful reference to support you.


Tuesday 12th January 2021

Wow! Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte have been really impressed with the children in Tadpole and Caterpillar classes. We have enjoyed looking at your 2 0'clock activities and which ones you chose to do. Here are some exciting and fun activities for today!

Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning and welcome to this week's learning.

Week beginning 8th June

Next week we will begin the phased return to school by welcoming the EYFS bubbles on Monday at 8.30am. Information has been send to parents regarding the new structures and procedures that form our plan to keep all members of our school community safe. If you have not received this, you will find the information on our ‘parents’ – ‘letters’ – ‘Reopening Information’ section of our school website. To prepare your child for returning to school, we have produced a superhero themed document that shows how the classrooms, corridors and outside area will look on their return. Superheroes have been chosen as we are going to spend time helping your child with this transition by positively sharing thoughts and ideas about how themselves are ‘Healthy Superheroes’ by adjusting to our new routines.


We appreciate that due to a variety of reasons some children will remain as Home Learners. As Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte will now be teaching, your child will move from home learning being posted on our website to using the link below for their learning provision. EYFS and Year 1 work will be available from Monday 8th June. More detail on this will be posted on the Home Learning Page on the First Federation Trust before Monday.

Welcome to this week’s Home Learning

We hope you had a fabulous half term and enjoyed the sunny, warm weather. Maybe you were splashing around in a paddling pool or enjoying a walk when it started to cool down. It has been very hot so we hope you were drinking lots and remembered your sun cream. Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte have planned some great activities for you to practise your reading, writing and maths. Throughout this week, our curriculum learning will focus on recycling, reducing and reusing.

Friday 5th June EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Tuesday 2nd June EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Good Morning Wrens and Robins!

We hope that you have had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the warm and sunny weather. Maybe you went riding on your bike or raced around on your scooter! Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte have really enjoyed seeing all of the photographs they have been sent, showing the different activities that you have been enjoying. 


We can't believe how much the Blue Tits in Mrs Kyte's garden have grown! Mr and Mrs Blue Tit have been extremely busy flying to find food for their chicks.

Devon Summer School Virtual Games 

Active Devon and the School Games Organisers are hosting the Devon Summer School Games with a twist!

All competitions are virtual, and you can enter as many of them as you like. The competitions are suitable to do at home, in your backyard or garden. They give you the chance to virtually team up with your classmates, represent your school and compete against other children from across Devon!

Miss Gibbs has placed more information about these exciting events within the PE page under the Home Learning class crayon icons.

Friday 22nd May EYFS and Year 1 Home Learning

Thursday 21st May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Wednesday 20th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Tuesday 19th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Monday 18th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Welcome to another week of wonderful learning!



Stories to listen to . . .


The top 50 stories in each age group in the BBC2's 500 word competition have been recorded and can be listened to using the link above. This could be an excellent way to share a story before bedtime or during a little bit of quiet time during the day. I wonder which will be your favourite?

What has Mrs Kyte and Mrs Davies been doing?

Mrs Kyte and Mrs Davies enjoy learning about all the fantastic activities that you are doing at home and seeing your wonderful photographs so they thought they would share some photographs with their Wren and Robin friends.

Friday 15th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Wednesday 13th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Tuesday 12th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum Learning

Monday 11th May Year 1 and EYFS Curriculum Learning

Good Morning Wrens and Robins!

Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte have been amazed by the brilliant learning activities that you have been participating in. Not only have we received photographs of the Home Learning tasks we have set but also your grown ups have created some wonderful activities for you to do.


We appreciate how tricky it is to balance working from home, coping with these unusual times as well as supporting your child's learning so we would just like to say  that you are doing an amazing job and . . . 



Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Blue Tit

There was a buzz of excitement in the Kyte household (and garden) on Friday when the eggs in the bird box started hatching. Mrs Kyte excitedly let Mrs Davies and Mrs Hillson know! There were 2 chicks on Friday and now all 11 eggs have hatched. The chicks' mummy and daddy have been extremely busy gathering food and feeding them over the weekend. Take a look at the chicks. Are they how you expected them to look? How do you think the adult Blue Tits are feeling?


We can't wait to see how they grow and change.

Thursday 7th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Tuesday 5th May EYFS and Year 1 curriculum

Monday 4th May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Good Morning Wrens and Robins!

Wow! We have been really impressed with all your fabulous home learning. The sculptures that you have been making by putting together different objects and changing the shape of materials have been really imaginative. It has been wonderful to hear that you have enjoyed learning about the work of David Kemp and And Goldsworthy. We can't wait to see the sculptures that you create this week so please send photographs of them to Mrs Kyte and Mrs Davies. 



Orchard Lea Paintings and Drawings

Mrs Kyte and Mrs Davies have printed the pictures for our friends at Orchard Lea and we have heard that they were really pleased to receive them. We made sure that each resident was able to have one in their room to enjoy. Please keep sending us your artwork and other drawings and painting because they do like receiving them.

Our Blue Tit Family

We were very excited to learn that the Blue Tit in Mrs Kyte's garden had laid 11 eggs. As you were all very excited to learn about David Attenborough and the natural world, we thought you may want to see how they are doing and maybe we might be luckily enough to see them hatch.


Friday 1st May EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Thursday 30th April EYFS and Year 1 curriculum

Wednesday 29th April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Tuesday 28th April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Monday 27th April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Welcome to another wonderful week of learning

Mrs Kyte and Mrs Davies are looking forward to the fabulous pictures and photographs that they will be sent this week. We are so very proud of the learning and activities that you have been doing at home with the help of your grown ups. From Monday 20th April, all children in Wren and Robin classes will be able to log in to Bug Club and access the resources that your teacher has allocated you. 

We have attached a couple of documents below which will explain further about how to use Bug Club and some useful tips on how to share and read a book with your child.

Keeping Active

Miss Gibbs has kindly given us a variety of activity ideas and website links to help us to keep active. They are aimed at all year groups so please choose those appropriate for your child. Have a go yourself and choose a challenge for those in your household to complete. Take a look at the document below and have fun! 

Friday 24th April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Thursday 23rd April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Wednesday 22nd April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Tuesday 21st April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

Monday 20th April Curriculum Learning EYFS and Year 1

Summer Term 2020

Welcome back after the Easter break. We have had some brilliantly sunny weather and we hope that you managed to spend time in the garden, on your balcony or outside during your daily exercise. We have enjoyed finding out about what you have been doing and knowing that you are all well and safe. 


Foundation Stage Bug Club

We have some exciting news! Starting from Monday 20th April we will be able to allocate reading books to all Foundation Stage children. These books will be linked to your child's phonics learning and so they will be able segment (identify the phonemes in the words) and blend them (put the phonemes together so that they can read the word). It is important that your child's reading experience is a positive one and so work together and keep sound talking the phonemes so that they will be able to recall the phonemes in order and then to read successfully. The more confident they feel about 'having a go',  the more successful readers they will become over time.

To read your child's phonics book online, you will need to contact your child's teacher by email and they will be able to send you their log in details. Once you have these details,  use the link below to get started.

Please read the following information to help you to get started:

Orchard Lea

During the Easter Break we have been in contact with the staff and residents at Orchard Lea. They were very pleased to hear from us and it really cheered them up. We would like to invite the children in Wren and Robin classes to draw cheerful pictures that we can then email to them. If your child would like to draw a picture, please send a photograph or scan it to Mrs Kyte's email address and she will collect them to send on.

Friday 17th April EYFS and Year 1 curriculum

Thursday EYFS and Year 1 curriculum

Wednesday 15th April EYFS and Year 1 Curriculum

EYFS AND YEAR 1 curriculum home learning

Good Morning!

Following from questions that we have had from parents, we would like to share some information about 'tricky words' and reading.


What are ‘Tricky Words’?

Tricky words are ‘tricky’ because they are spelt using sounds or spelling choices that your child has not been taught yet. For example, those children who are working within Phase 2 would be taught the letter ‘o’ in octopus makes an /o/ sound. They would not be able to read the word ‘to’ correctly because the letter ‘o’ in this word generates a different sound. It makes the /oo/ sound like in moon. Another example would be the tricky word ‘they’. During Phase 3 phonics work, children are taught that the /ai/ phoneme is spelt with ‘ai’ as in rain. In the word ‘they’ the /ai/ sound is spelt with a different spelling choice (ey). Therefore, your child will find decoding these words challenging.

How should I help my child learn ‘tricky words’?

A tricky word can be made more familiar if your child adds a visual clue to the word that will help them. For example:

Developing automaticity of reading the ‘tricky words’ can be achieved by playing snap and when the words match, shout out the word (instead of “snap”). The words could also be written in different colours and handwriting styles (not capitals) on cards and your child could sort them.

Please read Friday’s newsletter for further ideas for games involving ‘tricky words’


Decoding when reading . . .

Uses letter-sound correspondences (matching the sounds with the letters that they make) is a strategy for spelling and reading words. The sound mat document posted 24.03.2020 can be used to support children with new letter-sound correspondences or ones that they have forgotten. Through ‘sound talking’ words: r-ai-n : “rain” or h-a-t: “hat”, children do begin to become more familiar with words and spelling choices. This may mean that with practise, your child’s reading becomes more fluent and they ‘sound talk’ less. Reading does take time and so take your child’s lead of which stage of development that they are at

Thursday 26th March

Good Morning Wrens and Robins. It has been lovely to hear and see the wonderful learning that you have been doing. Thank you to your wonderful grown ups at home who have been doing a splendid job. It is great that the sun has come out and we hope that you have managed to go for a walk, run or cycle. 

Well done everyone!

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Wrens and Robins. It has been lovely hearing about how your home learning is going as well as the other activities that you have been up to. 

Good morning Robins and Wrens.

Thank you for photographs of your amazing learning. There are some fabulous ideas on how to adapt activities which we will be sharing with you shortly.


Good morning Wrens and Robins, 

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to a fabulous day of learning. Mrs Davies and Mrs Kyte can't wait to see the fabulous things that you have been doing.