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Mayor James Buczkowski visit (and tour) of Willowbank School

Mayor James was given a tour of all the classes, the meadow room, the library and forest school. He said it was very good that we are taught about diversity and uniqueness. He was really impressed because we sign in assemblies and he’d never seen it before.

“The meadow is an excellent place because it is quiet and a nice place to go if the classroom was too much,” he said and that the library was a peaceful, cosy place (except the seagull nest on the roof!)

We spoke about our Super Six reading programme and how they inspire us to be ourselves and everybody is unique. He said it was great that the librarians decided to set up the library club. Fortunately, Mayor James said that it was an amazing idea to have year six jobs:

  • Digital leader
  • Librarian
  • Sports leader
  • Prefect
  • House captains


 We explained to Mayor James about what we do in forest school:

  • Tree climbing
  • Wood work
  • Mud kitchen
  • Den building
  • The pond

He had said that forest school was a good place to learn about the outdoors. We showed him that we made a hedgehog feeding centre.

We showed Mayor James the trophy cabinet and how some students took part in the beach football tournament; he said it was impressive. We said that they showed determination (which we stated as one of our core values) in the game because they had to play on sand.

PSHE, forest school, personal development and the well-being walls in Year 5/6 were an important discussion, as well as, Move and Choose, where we hear different genres of books read by different teachers. Finally, we directed Mayor James out of the building and said thank you for coming to our school.

By Jake and Holly