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Three Beaches trip

We are delighted to be able offer all 10 classes a school trip this early on in the school year. We have started with a Three Beach Trip for all KS2 classes. Starting at Goodrington, we then walk the coastal path to Saltern Cove, where we enjoy rock pooling and paddling, then its on to our final Beach, Broadsands. 


Harry in Deer class says, "The beach trip was      amazing because were finding crabs and somebody caught a fish! I saw loads of  limpets, which are white and move into the water. We found a massive crab. It was mixture between brown and dark red. 

The second beach had loads of sand. The water was very clear. At the start there was loads of seaweed and then we had a seaweed fight! At the end, one of my friends threw a bunch of seaweed at me. 

It was the best trip for Year 6."